How to Train a Man in 13 Steps

13 things girls need to know about boys

It's interesting to be the father of a young woman who is in college and dating. What's interesting is not the act of dating – I really don't want to think about the whole thing – but the realization that she's saying things about her boyfriend that her mother (and the unfortunate ladies I dated before meeting her) likely said about me. I get to hear them because I'm usually in the vicinity when she's talking to her mom about this stuff, and I get the call when her mom isn't available for some reason. Any port in a storm, right? What that means is that I'm in the enviable position where I … [Continue reading...]

How to Have a Sweet 16 Birthday Without Blowing the Budget


Sweet 16 Birthday Parties Remember when your baby turned 1 and you had the biggest bash ever? Complete with smash cake (yes, we originated that idea ;) ) and all the Winnie the Pooh decorations you could find. You probably spent a fair amount of money because it was the FIRST! birthday and your baby deserved that! Then came the 2nd.. the 3rd and so on until, if you're like me, you finally pulled … [Continue reading...]

Don’t F#$%ing Text and Drive!

what happens when your child is the one who's literally impacted by texting and driving?

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, Another Reminder to Not Text and Drive. Yes. I know. Everyone does it, right?  I see people doing all kinds of crazy things while they are driving.  I’ve seen people shaving and putting on make-up.  Once, I saw a woman eating a bowl of cereal or soup.  I couldn’t get a good look. The light turned green, so I couldn’t jump out of my car, bang on her window, … [Continue reading...]

When Your Kids Are Being Tested for IEP


When anyone is diagnosed with a disease, there’s a whole new vocabulary to learn. Words and acronyms that weeks before you didn’t know existed are roll off your tongue. Parents of children on the autism spectrum are no different. If you had asked me eight years ago what PDD-NOS, IEP or ABA were, I would have looked at you blankly. Now I can easily tell you PDD-NOS stands for Pervasive … [Continue reading...]

Feeding My Kids Healthy Food Was A Mistake

the food your teen wants to eat

So You Want Healthy Food? I have a set of Tween Eating Machines in the house.  Word on the street is the older they get, the worse it becomes.  Did I mention in addition to the eating, we are also beginning to navigate the waters of puberty? So yeah, there's that. It astounds me the way my kids go through food.  Granted there are 4 of them in our blended family, but my 2 kids own the groceries … [Continue reading...]

Marketing to Kids – Why I Don’t Do Energy Drinks

do you let your teens drink energy drinks

Kids and Energy Drinks When energy drinks first came out, I decided they’d be off-limits for my middle-school and elementary-age kids. They had enough energy as it was, why would you give them more? From experiences teaching and counseling teens, I see inerrant dangers when kids use unnecessary substances to alter behavior. It sets a precedence for using something outside of yourself to cope, … [Continue reading...]