Family Fun at the Charlotte Speedway Christmas

Charlotte Speedway Christmas

Charlotte Speedway Christmas   Just a quick note tonight to let my local friends know about another of our favorite Holiday outings, the Charlotte Speedway Christmas! For the locals, think of it as Tanglewood, only zigzagged around a giant famous race track!  Tons and tons of lights of course, with some bonus stuff like a petting zoo, pictures with Santa, horse-and-carriage rides, marshmallows roasted over open fire pits outside, indoor craft and food vendors, and possibly my favorite part, a drive-in movie in the infield! The cost doesn’t seem too harsh at first, $20 on the … [Continue reading...]

5 Ways to Help Your Child – the Drama Queen


The school year is well under way and the holidays are around the corner. Right about now is when adolescent drama increases. In case you don’t know what “drama” is, it’s when a person makes a big deal of something that should’t be, or when someone makes problems or perceives intentions, conversations, or motives as a problem. At least that’s how the junior high students I work with define … [Continue reading...]

Have Yourself A Simpler Little Christmas

Are you prone to over-complicating things? A perfectionist who thinks everything needs to be just so? This Christmas give yourself the gift of keeping it simple – and remember the reason for season.  It’s not about crazy spending, cooking the consummate turkey dinner or finding the ultimate present for that oh-so-difficult person who has everything. Christmas is about spending time with people … [Continue reading...]

The Challenge of Holidays for Tweens, Teens with Special Needs


With Special Needs, the Holidays Are Not the Most Wonderful time of the Year Whoever named December the most wonderful time of the year likely didn’t have children and if they did, I’m certain they didn’t have a kid on the autism spectrum. The holidays are a time of hustle and bustle full of things-to-do, presents to buy and wrap, treats to bake, decorations to put up, people to see, and special … [Continue reading...]

When Parents Are Full of $h*t

when parents are full of crap

Yes.. Sometimes Parents ARE Full of $h*t The two oldest of our three kids will be heading to NC State in a few weeks, our oldest for his sophomore year (transferring from UNC Charlotte) and our middle child for her freshman year. Our son has already changed his major from business to a biology-chemistry double major. Our daughter is in First Year College and as of right now is thinking of … [Continue reading...]

How to Create Last Minute Christmas Vouchers

Stuck for what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Do they already have the latest gadgets and ‘must have’s’? Or maybe money’s a bit tight and you need to find something great for not a lot of cash. Last Christmas I didn’t have a clue what to give my teen and tween boys. When they were younger it was so easy to buy lots of small stuff plus one big ‘star’ gift. It gave them the … [Continue reading...]