College Acceptance – Mom In Denial

when your child gets accepted to college

I knew this was coming  We've been preparing for it for nearly 4 years.  So why on the day that envelope arrived in the mail I felt as if someone was sucking all the air out of the room?  As he opened the letter I keep telling myself "it's only College".  Then my mom in denial voice would say "maybe he should take a year off?"  "Is he really ready?" "maybe is not a college acceptance...maybe it's a denial?"  Do you see who had the most to say in my inside voice conversation?  I had to get her to be silent to let my Teenager have this experience to the fullest.  That wasn't easy but it was … [Continue reading...]

My Kid Can’t Concentrate – Part 2

it's not always adhd

Part 1 of this series identified frustration parents of tweens experience in discerning the developmental and academic changes kids experience in upper-elementary and middle school. In addition to the five strategies mentioned in the first article, here are five more tips to keep in mind when assessing the needs of a child who lacks concentration. Get rid of hand-held devices, TV, video-games, … [Continue reading...]

Four Reasons My Kids Don’t Use Electronics in Public

kids using devices in public

Do Your Kid Use Electronics in Public? My beautiful daughter had attached a pink silk flower to the top of her head so she would be visible amongst the other penguin-attired, middle school orchestra members. Standard issue white shirt with black bottoms clogged the stage. When I saw the flower appear, I knew where to keep my focus. Lights dimmed and a hush fell. The silent crowd awaited the … [Continue reading...]

5 for Friday: Camera Interference, Bar Codes, and Sittin’ on the Dock of a Bay

Go Ask Daddy: Open for business. The kids don’t ask me about the fiscal cliff, or General Petraeus, or even what the heck the BCS is going to do if four schools remain undefeated. Nothing heavy, you see. No, the questions come out of what’s in front of them. The grocery store. Storms. Sports. Long after I exhaust the list of blog topics, there’ll still be the questions. For that, I’m … [Continue reading...]

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges  Today marks 7 years no longer a slave to seizures, big pharma, or major medical intervention.  Cheers to being the one in a million that got away.  Sometimes I wonder if that one admittedly miraculous narrow escape burned a lifetime of luck.  I wonder about a lot of things. Since today is a day I celebrate for reasons that most people don’t understand, I’m going to ramble a … [Continue reading...]

My Kid Can’t Concentrate (And Other Hormonal Hazards)

tweens and adhd

“My kid can’t concentrate” is a frequent call I get from parents of 5th and 6th graders as a school counselor. The conversation revolves around new behaviors parents see in a child transitioning from elementary to middle school. Their child... is less focused on schoolwork lacks concentration is more social has difficulty completing work is disorganized is more argumentative is … [Continue reading...]

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