We Set the Sun

We Set the Sun

Who doesn't love a good sunset?  I think that most people can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of one if they stumble upon it, even if it isn't their favorite thing to watch. We do (most) things just a little differently than (most) other people, though.  Often, especially in the summer, we plan our evening around the sunset.  Dinner early or late to accommodate the current sunset ETA.  Sometimes it's our entire evening plan-  to watch the sunset. There's no wrong time of the year for it, though.  In winter, some of our favorite sunset spots are less scenic due to the barren nature of … [Continue reading...]

When It’s the Parents Who Act Bad

It's not just the kids who are naughty on social media... The parents can make your skin crawl. We have had our fair share of bad weather this winter here in NC.. Mother Nature has been nothing short of bipolar.. 70 degrees one day, an inch of ice the next.  The kids have had delays, early dismissals and have missed more days this school year than they have in almost 30 years. It's been one … [Continue reading...]

6 Things That School & Culture Aren’t Teaching Kids

what your kids don't know but should

I’m a middle school counselor, educator, and parent of teens. Both at home and at school I observe essential skills kids lack in the age of technology .  Here are five essential skills kids still need to know that schools and cultures aren’t teaching anymore. Knowing their street address and a parent’s phone number. Each year, sixth graders I teach have to fill out a form with their address … [Continue reading...]

Good cop, Bad cop. How Our Two Mom Family Works

My partner Karol and I have been together for 10 years.  We have lived apart and we have lived together.  When we first decided to take the plunge and be a couple she was about to move to Pennsylvania and I was staying here in Virginia.  We knew it was going to be difficult, especially since we were a new couple, but we knew we could do it.  And we did!  Looking back, I actually think it made our … [Continue reading...]

Double Take: My Parents Want Me to Stay Local for College

graduation girl

Dear Dr. Wes & Miranda My parents are pressuring me to go to college locally and live at home. That's not the college experience I wanted. I've been accepted to colleges here and in other places, and I want get out of my hometown. Money is not an issue. I have some scholarships and our family isn't poor. What can I do to make them understand? Miranda: Your problem reflects a little issue … [Continue reading...]

Teens Building Their Digital Trail During the Summer: Summertime Blogs

teens blogging

Digital citizenship is a phrase we have heard a lot recently. Teaching our kids and especially teens to be upstanding citizens online as they are offline is a priority. Creating a positive digital image will affect their future. It is a fact, there will come a time when your child's name will be put through the Internet wash-cycle and how it spins out will depend on how they have maintained it … [Continue reading...]