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  • A Podcast About Racial Tension and Our Kids
  • Book Review: Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends: How to Successfully Navigate Your Daughter’s Tween Years
  • 5 Fun, Family Flicks to Watch with Tweens
  • Chocolate and Fruit Pizza Recipe
  • 5 Ways to Help Teens After a Break Up


10 Things Your Growing Son…


The World of Sons I was raised in a family of girls, so the world of boys is an ongoing mystery to me. I always thought I would have all girls since my mom also cam from a family of girls. I … [Read More...]


The Decision is My Story…

letting go of the fear of leaving your family to travel for your dream

Fifteen days. Should I leave my husband and children for fifteen days to travel across the world this summer? Researching author websites in order to design my own, I examine the sections of Cheryl … [Read More...]


Book Review: Between Baby…

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.01.25 PM

Navigating the Tween Years with Your Daughter The tween years can be an uncertain time for both girls and their parents. Parents try to identify and sympathize with the mood and attitude changes of … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Help Teens After a…

5 Ways to Help Teens after a Break Up

Teenage Heartbreak Break-ups are inevitable for teen relationships. It’s one reason I advocate kids shouldn’t date someone they wouldn’t consider marrying. Realistically, high school romances will … [Read More...]


Teens Making a Difference…

Teens making a difference Ethan Fisher

Meet teen inventor, Ethan Fisher in this week's Teens Making a Difference podcast! You are in for a treat with this week's podcast! Remember SillyBands? Well, today's guest, Ethan Fisher is the … [Read More...]


6 Tips to Balancing Family…

6 ways to unplug and connect this summer

Oh Delicious Summertime Remember last summer? You started out strong with fantasies straight from your ‘80’s memories of yummy giggling connection, nourishing sunshine, fresh fruit, and dusty … [Read More...]


Crepe Erase Review…

final thoughts on the crepe erase skin system

There IS help for crepey skin! Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Crepe Erase. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a … [Read More...]


Chocolate and Fruit Pizza…

chocolate and fruit pizza

Chocolate and Fruit Pizza - YUM!! Why not? I love chocolate and peanut butter! I love chocolate and bananas! I love chocolate and strawberries!  Most importantly, I love pizza! … [Read More...]

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susan pashman podcast

A Podcast About Racial Tension…

Talking the tough talk about racial tension in 2015 We're joined this week by author Susan Pashman who wrote the fictional book, Upper West Side Story, but considering all that we're going thru in … [Read More...]