How to Have a (Relatively) Drama Free School Year

help your kids have a drama free school year

Back to School Advice for my Kids Well here we are… it’s back to school time again. This is our 11th first day of school and we have 6 more to go before we’re completely done. I love the first day of school more than I love the first day of the new year but not why you think. To me (and most moms) this day is really the start of the new year. We have fresh new day-timers, pencils, notebooks and a chance to make a good great first impression. The first day of anything is always a day full of excitement and nerves. From the first day of school to the first day of college to the first day of … [Continue reading...]

In the Game of Discipline, Who Wins and Who Loses?

moms and tweens

When you have teenagers, discipline takes on a whole new meaning. As do the ‘crimes’.  I mean, when they were little, it was time out, and it could be multiple times a day.  Some days I wished someone would put me in time out.  In our house, they would get the occasional swat on the butt. (I am not here to discuss the merits or demerits of spanking. I was spanked, their dad was spanked, and my … [Continue reading...]

Family Traditions – Ladies in Red

Ladies in Red

Ladies in Red  Valentine’s Day is less than 5 months away!  I’m all set. On the right in this photo is my Mommy.  On the left is my Baby, wearing my Mommy’s Valentine’s Day dance dress from February 14, 1958.  The dress is rich with antiquity, history, and love…  it fits Baby Girl’s soul as perfectly as it does her figure. In the spring of 1958, my Mommy allowed a young man by the … [Continue reading...]

10 Things NOT to Say to a Gay Parent

things you should never say to a gay parent

What You Shouldn't Say to a Gay Parent So I have read a few funny posts lately about "if latinos said the things white people say" and if "asians said the things white people say." Also, things you shouldn't say to a lesbian, or a gay dad, and I decided to add my list of things you shouldn't say to people.  Specifically gay people.  Even more specifically gay parents. Now admittedly some of … [Continue reading...]

Finding Value In Family Relationships

family fun time

In one week, our family's downsized. College Graduate moved to the East Coast and College Boy returned to the university. That leaves the High Schooler and Junior, the middle school boy. “Our fun little family of four” I call the rest of us. There’s a lot I like about a smaller family. We can go places with minimal cost. We can eat out every once in a while instead of almost-never. There’s less … [Continue reading...]

Special Needs Tween Struggles to Find Friends


My son started middle school earlier this month and there have been lots of changes since elementary school -- changing classes, having a locker and a whole new social structure. Gone are the days when boys and girls ate lunch or hung out at recess together. Also apparently gone -- having moms set up play dates although we can’t call them play dates anymore – it’s called hanging out. This is … [Continue reading...]