Win the December Box from The Boodle Box!!

the boodle box is the monthly box for tween girls

If you're a mom who gets Birchbox, then you'll LOVE The Boodle Box for your tween and young teen. Same concept in that each month that special girl in your life gets a new box full of the latest  trendy products for teens and tweens from some of the top manufacturers in the beauty and fashion industries!! The Boodle Box includes everything from fun nail polish and nail art, to the latest in fashion accessories and new beauty items, as well as fun non-beauty extras. This giveaway is valued at $29 and will be the super special December Holiday box!! The winner will be announced … [Continue reading...]

Puppy Love

Teenagers in Love

Puppy Love Puppies at play.  You can’t watch puppies at play without smiling.  Or, if you can, you’re even more dead inside than I am! If you watch them closely, though, you’ll see that they’re actually fighting.  They’re slowly gaining skills in agility, strategy, and combat, in a harmless way that allows them to practice all they want without sustaining any injuries.  Survival skills … [Continue reading...]

Tweens and Cell Phones – The Phone Shaming Curse

Picture of an older cell phone

“I pulled out my phone on the bus to text you, mom, and everyone laughed at me.” “Who’s everyone, hon?” “I don’t know. Kids. Even fifth graders on our bus have smart phones.” “I am sure not all 5th graders have smart phones.” “They do to, mom.” “Yeah, I know a kid in my grade that has a Samsung Galaxy S5!” his younger brother added. “In 4th grade? Who does he call?” I wanted to … [Continue reading...]

5 Tips For Making The College Search Successful

helping your teen find the perfect college

If you’ve got a junior or senior in high school, autumn is the perfect time to begin the college search. We’re starting this process for the third time, as our eleventh-grader is of age to figure out what’s next. As a school counselor and parent of teens and college students, here are five tips I recommend for discovering the right college and career plan for your child. Start the process … [Continue reading...]

Mom’s Guide To Dressing For Success – the Uniform

what clothes do moms wear

Back when I was in the work place full-time, it was important that I dress professionally. Even though I never saw clients, we were still expected to dress as if we were, to pretend we were an upstanding company. I liked this, the clothes part anyway. I had lost a crap ton of weight (don't be jealous, I've gained 1/2 of it back), and loved getting cute clothes that actually fit. Target … [Continue reading...]

Taking Time to Enjoy Tweens’ Hugs


My soon-to-be 11-year-old daughter has a poster in her room featuring Olaf from “Frozen” with the saying “I like warm hugs.” I’ve been thinking about that lately – probably because of the early winter blast where we live – but also a bit in appreciation of how my kids like warm hugs, too. Back in August, I took a job in the middle school’s cafeteria to earn a little extra money and get a … [Continue reading...]