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Are You the Perfect Mommy or…


With the joyful carefree bike riding days of Spring finally here it’s time for me to come clean. Today I’m sharing a deep and dark McKenzie family secret. I am not perfect mommy. Ouch. Yes my two … [Read More...]


This Memorial Day Send a Thank…

This Memorial Day, tweet your thanks to a soldier!

This Memorial Day, join the KIND Movement and Thank a Military Member or Cell Phones For Soldiers Thanking Troops with the Help of a Handwriting Robot If you had the chance to thank a military … [Read More...]


Which Commercial is the Best…


Happy 10th Anniversary to YouTube! Did you know that YouTube turned TEN this year?! Your kids probably watch it a lot more than you do, but you have to confess.. you can't get thru the day without … [Read More...]


30 Great Conversation Starters…


I find kids love hearing stories from when I was a kid, even the most reluctant talker ends up engaging in conversations like these.  Choose one, choose them all, but these are a great way to get the … [Read More...]


She’s Got A Ticket To…

shes got a ticket to ride

It’s official! People love to read about other people’s sassy and entitled teenagers. Proving, yet again, that misery does love a bit of company. One of my recent posts about my third child attempting … [Read More...]


Why Social Media Behavior…

teen's behavior on social media can greatly affect their job and college search

Colleges and employers are watching what you tweet Many teens are tired of hearing parents and teachers reminding them to pause before you post or think before you send a text. They may be tired … [Read More...]


Crepe Erase Review…

final thoughts on the crepe erase skin system

There IS help for crepey skin! Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Crepe Erase. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a … [Read More...]


Black Bean Salsa…


Black Bean Salsa This recipe originally came from my gourmet cooking sister. In fact, we are having her enchiladas tonight because we love to put the salsa overtop. The enchiladas are fine … [Read More...]

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a mothers day manifesto

A Mother’s Day Manifesto…

If Mother’s Day doesn’t feel like a sharp stick in the eye, you’re doing it wrong.  -Lenora Rand Mother’s Day is a pain in the ass. There, I’ve said it. A day when we spend more than $14 … [Read More...]