13 Frugal Ways to Communicate Love to Your Teen Daughter

13 Frugal Ways to Communicate Love to Your Teen Daughter

So often teen girls get a bad reputation for being moody, whiny, and emotionally challenged, but these things don’t have to be the norm. By fostering a close, loving, and accepting relationship with your teen daughter, you can proactively head many of these issues off at the pass.13 ways to communicate love to your teen daughter

Following is a list of frugal and relatively simple things you can do right now to deepen the relationship you have with your teen girl.  

1.  Send her an email or text telling her that you are glad she is your daughter

2.  Write about the first few days or your pregnancy or her birth in story from

3.  Take her out to a local coffee house – on a school night

4.  Surprise her with something new to make her feel pretty like a scarf, new lip gloss, nail polish, or nice smelling body lotion

5.  Write a list of at least 10 things that make her beautiful on the inside and out

6.  Buy her some fresh flowers for her room, something that could later be planted like tulips

7.  Put a picture of a special family memory in a frame for her room such as a family vacation

8.  Help her do her hair or nails by having a spa night at home

9.  Plan something fun to do together after you save for it – a concert, a night painting pottery or canvases, or a trip to get pedicures

10.  Find a book for girls and moms to read together, and read it, faithfully

13.  Treat her to a bubble bath complete with bath salts, music, and candlelight


Having a teen daughter can be trying at times, but it can also be truly rewarding. I find it so helpful to remember what it was like when I was a teen – dealing with peer pressure, friendship woes, changing body, acne and other awkward things about physical appearance, growing responsibilities and expectations, and the list goes on and on. It is important to do whatever we can as moms to proactively equip our daughters to feel good about themselves, to feel loved, and to feel accepted and accepted.

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