31 Steps Along The Road To Connect To Your Teen

31 Steps Along The Road To Connect To Your Teen

Think Connecting With Your Teen is Impossible?

You worry you’re losing the battle between finding time for your relationship with your teen and the digital world they live in and you’re struggling to reconnect.We have 31 ways to help you connect or reconnect with your teen!

 You’re not alone.

1. Here’s the thing.You were totally shocked by the release of version two of your life: The Challenge of Raising Generation Z Baby. It brought huge changes to your world.

2. Your me-time was gone. Your favorite feel good, eat cookie dough, get your Beyoncé on and just be time, was suddenly no more.

3. And it was frustrating!

4. This baby made sure your me-time wasn’t just temporarily on hold either. That’s right, this baby made certain your me-time was completely shut down.

5. You felt your private settings were hacked, publicly shared and turned into an open invite event.

6. Let’s face it. Your iGen baby would not let you be. This baby came complete with new life hacks and ingenious ways to hunt you down.

7. We both know Generation Z is a not to be messed with superior model that will collaborate, find the back door, crash your system and worm their way in to find you.

And Now You Have a New Problem.

8. Your Generation Z baby has evolved into iGen teen and a completely overhauled version of life has been released.

9. And the reality is this new version is insanely different and comes with some jaw-dropping features.

10. This release has major drama installed and includes setup of a hormonal roller coaster right through your living room.

11. Here’s the hard truth. This new release is so much harder to crack and makes your #teen far more difficult to reach.

Kind of depressing, huh?

But here’s the good news 🙂

12. Never shying away from a mom mission, you fight.

13. This mission you take on is by no means a painless one. Quite honestly, there are plenty of times you wonder if you have indeed taken on mission impossible.

14. There are times when you go on for days battling against invading texts and Snapchat loaded landmines.

15. You become an expert at trying to rescue #teen from flying Twitter and Google hangout grenades.

16. You dig deep during these times. You batten down the hatches, keep your gloves on and perform a complete system scan and search for we-time.

17. You work hard in your quest as you try to reconnect and crack the pass code on your teens settings.

18.  You look for the back door, open ports and any entry point where you can make the hack into her world.

You Go To Work!

18. You make your firewall stronger.

19. You refresh, reboot and over and over again, you restart.

20. You save bits of unfinished conversations, and funny stories to talk with your teen about later on. Yo update, backup and keep my settings in check.

21. You make reconnecting and your relationship with #teen your top priority.

22. It becomes your mission unquestionably, possible.

You See a Way In

23. You cease on it when teen comes flying through the door, with only a few precious minutes to spare before heading out again.

24. With no time to talk teen needs sustenance and a ride.

This parenting gig comes full circle.

25. You ditch dinner and get ready for the road.

26. You’ve found the back door.

27. You find the way to teen and install the we-time code.

28. You download the new updates

29. Complete the mission

30. Grin triumphant

31. And taste the cookie dough.


IMG_5098About Kelli Thomas – Kelli is a self-confessed chocoholic, mom, wife, friend, daughter and social media addict.
Kelli has worked both inside and outside of the house and has had moments of epic success and tragic failure with both of them. Most days Kelli can be found tearing out her hair (from her chin), and screaming for help from underneath a pile of laundry. Her house can best be described as a zoo and she shares the same cage with her awesome hubby of 20 years, 3, no 2 amazing girls (one has been successfully launched off to planet college) 2 lizards, 1 bearded dragon, 1 snake and a Labradoodle who has fomo. Kelli is on a mission to help other parents know they are not alone on this crazy train and to connect with people who want to laugh, cry, feel inspired and just be somewhere, different. You can follow her on Twitter

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