5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About Cheap Textiles, Roman Bloodsports and Crooked Letters

It’s Friday. Yes, that means Pizza Friday (for lunch and dinner, as it turns out this week), but it also means it’s time to answer the kids’ questions, great and small.

You ought to see the lineup. I have a couple that have inspired posts of their own.

I want to take a paragraph to thank everyone who contributed to, read or shared my first “6 Words” project this week. The response was incredible. It helped Coach Daddy to its best day, best week and best month for page views. I feel like making a cake, or something.

I feel like the city that just hosted the Olympics, or the Super Bowl, or the Bacon Festival. I hope you enjoyed your stay, and I hope you’ll stick around after the festivities are over. Or at least come back on vacation.

If you’ve brought snacks today, just leave them at the front table. After I take my 20 percent snack tax, I’ll share most of the rest of it. I smell bacon, by the way.

1. Are there $5 stores?


OK, OK, there are. Five Below sells things from $1 to $5. The closest one is in Winston-Salem, just 61 miles away. So when you factor in gas and automobile wear and tear, we’d have to spend $726 to justify the trip.

It looks cool, though. You can get hula hoops ($2), the Katy Perry DVD diary ($5), and tons of spring duct tape ($3).

Remember when I could take you to the dollar store and declare “you can have anything you want in this store! Anything!”

And then you picked out a plastic gun, and it all changed.

2. Can you write with your right hand?

Sometimes, people think I am (I’m left-handed).

I can write with my right, but it looks like doctor’s handwriting. I always thought that was an unfair stereotype, until I watched a doc hold his pen between his middle and ring finger to write me a prescription. Maybe this cat was cursed with the impeccable penmanship of a teacher while he was at Chapel Hill, and they put him a course called Scrawling Illegibly 101.

You can, by the way, learn to write with your non-dominant hand.


See the rest of Eli’s list here!



About Eli: When he isn’t trying to fit into his size 32 pants or angering motorist by driving the speed limit, Eli is father and soccer coach to three girls. He writes the blog Coach Daddy..



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