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When Should My Teen Get a Job?…

When should your teen get their first job

Some parents put their teens right to work the moment they turn 16. Others wait until senior year to even entertain thoughts about part-time jobs. As you consider your teen's situation, personality … [Read More...]


Vacation Planning in…

divorce is bad enough but wait until you have to start juggling kid's vacation days into the plan

“You’ve been so organized lately!” I complimented my then ten year old. A big, giant question mark hovered over his head. “You remembered whose house you’re staying at this weekend! Remember last … [Read More...]


Open Letter to the Composers…

an open letter to the composers of frozen

No. I do not want to build a snowman or let it go. Okay, before I get to the actual letter, I want to say that I know the Frozen ship has sailed. It's had a long moment in the spotlight, and everyone … [Read More...]


13 Frugal Ways to Communicate…


So often teen girls get a bad reputation for being moody, whiny, and emotionally challenged, but these things don’t have to be the norm. By fostering a close, loving, and accepting relationship with … [Read More...]


Thanks, Palcohol — Parenting…

the dangers of teens drinking palcohol

The Dangers of Palcohol On Wednesday, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau approved four flavors of Palcohol, a powdered product that comes in convenient 1-oz packets. Mix the powder into 6 oz … [Read More...]


Why Social Media Behavior…

teen's behavior on social media can greatly affect their job and college search

Colleges and employers are watching what you tweet Many teens are tired of hearing parents and teachers reminding them to pause before you post or think before you send a text. They may be tired … [Read More...]


Crepe Erase Review…

final thoughts on the crepe erase skin system

There IS help for crepey skin! Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Crepe Erase. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a … [Read More...]


Big Bang Brownies…


Looking for an easy brownie recipe that's delicious and uses ingredients you will almost ALWAYS have on hand? Print this one off friends because you can kiss those box mixes … [Read More...]

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confessions of a former teenage cutter

Confessions of a Former Cutter…

I never thought I would write this story. It’s something I never wanted to be made public. But I’ve recently been thinking about my journey and decided it’s time to confess to something I no longer … [Read More...]