Tweens and Kik – It’s Far From Kicks

your tween and kik

 You Tween and Kik As a mom, and a communications professional in the technology space, I've heard some pretty scary stories about kids' use of social media. Predators lurking on Facebook, bullying happening via Twitter and even suspicious activity occurring on Minecraft. Add in all the news about SnapChat and Ask.FM and it’s easy to get jaded with how bad the next new app can be. So, when I received a note from a friend that said: "I want to share my daughter’s story to as many moms as possible, so it doesn't happen to anyone else,” I thought it was just another bullying story. But I was … [Continue reading...]

Perimenopause is not easy to deal with!


The Perils of Perimenopause I have written about Perimenopause before.  Looking back over my posts I have written about it twice.  Once in October 2012, and again n October 2013.  Not sure why October seems to be the month to write about it, other than all this crap started the week of my birthday the year I turned 46, so maybe my birthday month (October) triggers something.  Not sure.  But I … [Continue reading...]

6 Tips Teens Should Know About Raising Parents

how to raise your parents

How to Raise Your Parents These are just a few things I talk to teens about when I counsel them. They're things I wish I knew as a teen, too. 1. Your parents may not know what to do with your emotions, but give them a chance to know how you feel. In the eyes of your parents, you’re still their little boy or girl who’s quickly growing up. They don’t mean to treat you like a little kid or downplay … [Continue reading...]

Playing an Instrument with Braces

playing in band with braces on

Braces and brass don't always mix... here are some tips! Having personally experienced them for three years in my youth, and then another two as an adult, my memories are not too fond. So, is it hopeless if your child is getting braces? Absolutely not! Braces today are SOOOOO much different than 10, 15 even 20 years ago.   The wires don’t seem to cut as much into the sides of the … [Continue reading...]

Can You Improve Your Child’s Grades?

how can you help your kids get the best grades

Parents want only the best for their kids, right? As a mom or dad, you would probably want your child to excel in school - be it their grades, arts, music, writing, or sports. A lot of parents I know would want their kids to do well in terms of their academic performance. After all, good grades in school would increase their children’s chances of accomplishing bigger things when they grow old … [Continue reading...]

Five “Back to School” Rules for Technology

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Technology Needs Back to School Rules, Too As kids get older, more and more of their school work is completed online. Homework assignments, research, and collaborating with their classmates on projects are now all completed through the Web instead of at the library — like we used to do it in the olden days. Although laptops, iPads and mobile phones seem to be necessary for tweens and teens … [Continue reading...]