Letting Your Tween Choose Their Own Path


Their Path is Not Your Own Path I deleted my daughter's Instagram account the other day. I'm not sure she noticed. Almost 11, she originally asked to use my account when a friend was over and wanted to show off her photos. I then helped her set up an account and help her find her classmates. We talked about the right ways to use the account and she seemed interested -- for about five minutes. Being a social media guru myself, I showed her the ropes, but she didn't care much about what her classmates were doing. I had to suggest potential posts -- mostly photos of our cats. The other day … [Continue reading...]

Making Foods From my Jewish Heritage: Chocolate Babka

how to make jewish chocolate babnka

This year I have been really trying to delve deeper into my Jewishness and teach my kids more about their Jewish heritage.  I think that may be me approaching 50, or maybe because my kids are in their late teens, and I am worried they do not know enough about it.  For whatever the reason, I have been doing my best to teach them about the holidays and therefore I made a traditional Rosh Hashanah … [Continue reading...]

When You Have a Sliding Door Moment

lisa fuller

A favorite time of day for me is when my family has gone to bed. The children are all tucked in, I crawl into bed, and get to chose from my stack of great reads. One recent evening, my 13-year old son came into our room. Just as I was settling into cozy contemplation, about to nod off, he asked “Mom can you come and lay with me while I go to sleep?” I’d been reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, … [Continue reading...]

Waking Up My Kids Was a Mistake

stop waking your kids up and let them do it themselves

I've made this mistake so often it has turned into a bad habit.  I know better, but some things are beyond my control. If I could take it back, I would. The consequences tend to be nuclear, I should have learned by now. Waking up my son every morning is one of my biggest mistakes. By the time 9:10 rolls around and I have him safely delivered to school, I am exhausted.  We have the same struggle … [Continue reading...]

How to Train a Man in 13 Steps

13 things girls need to know about boys

It's interesting to be the father of a young woman who is in college and dating. What's interesting is not the act of dating – I really don't want to think about the whole thing – but the realization that she's saying things about her boyfriend that her mother (and the unfortunate ladies I dated before meeting her) likely said about me. I get to hear them because I'm usually in the vicinity when … [Continue reading...]

A Sweet 16 Birthday Without Blowing the Budget? Yes You Can!


Sweet 16 Birthday Parties Remember when your baby turned 1 and you had the biggest bash ever? Complete with smash cake (yes, we originated that idea ;) ) and all the Winnie the Pooh decorations you could find. You probably spent a fair amount of money because it was the FIRST! birthday and your baby deserved that! Then came the 2nd.. the 3rd and so on until, if you're like me, you finally pulled … [Continue reading...]