It’s High Time We Teach Social Media in Schools!

It's High Time We Teach Social Media in Schools!

TEACHING SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOLS – A NECESSITY? I just read this article and then watched a three minute video by Jay Baer where he poses the question “Should Social Media Be Taught in High School?” Jay makes excellent points and, like him, I trust his mom’s opinion: if a former high school teacher (30 years of experience with teenagers!) answers this question with a resounding ‘yes’, I am going to pay attention. In his article, Jay refers to this Venture Beat article by Ronnie Charrier. Ronnie writes: We need to be educating students on applicable skills for the world that they … [Continue reading...]

“I NEVER Acted Like THAT!” Says the Teen…

teen karma

It's so funny how kids, as they get older, think they NEVER acted or did the things that young kids do when they were the same age. My 17-year-old gets annoyed with his 4-year-old twin brothers' antics, along with the sheer volume of the same questions over and over. This is the same kid that when at age 4, someone sat on the left chair on the patio he would scream: "It's MINE! GET OUT NOW!" He … [Continue reading...]

Communication Conversion

how do you communicate

Honestly – does your teen text you from inside the house? And if they do – do you text back? What is happening to the art of conversation? Or at least the ability or desire to converse in person? It’s an interesting phenomenon if you step back and look at it. When cell phones allowed us to go mobile, and speak to whomever, whenever we wanted to, Americans thought that was amazing. I called … [Continue reading...]

Teenagers & Alcohol…Why It’s a Bad Idea to Turn a Blind Eye


It's difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have...or are. ~Author Unknown I was the first of my friends to have a baby. Therefore, I have also been the first to encounter parenting milestones such as sending my child off to kindergarten, shuttling him between two households, watching with pride and tears as he graduated from middle school and high school, experienced … [Continue reading...]

Failure: The Upside of Letting Your Kids Fail

failing isn't always failure

Many parents today are putting in overtime hours to make sure their teenager never experiences academic failure, but to what end? Exhausted working parents are running around Staples late at night grabbing poster board and glue stick for a forgotten project, or spending hours trying to squeeze the best possible homework out of their child. Moms and dads are allowing for “sick days” so their … [Continue reading...]

From the Mouth of Babes “Look in the Social Media Mirror”!

Look in the social media mirror!

Kids Say The Darndest Things! I am not only a social media consultant and business owner, I am also a mom to four kids, three of them teens. Having three sons, the conversations with them are often limited to sports talk, school work, friends and the standard ‘what’s for dinner’. With my daughter the conversations go deeper and lately, are often related to social media. In my parenting, I … [Continue reading...]