Exploding Turkeys and Obnoxious Relatives – NOW it’s the Holidays!


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?! The relatives are coming! The relatives are coming! But before you take that knife out of the turkey and plunge it into the back of your sister-in-law, watch this video as Dr. Wes discusses what goes wrong at family holiday gatherings. Or at least he tries to scratch the surface. The […]

Double Take: My Parents Want Me to Stay Local for College

graduation girl

Dear Dr. Wes & Miranda My parents are pressuring me to go to college locally and live at home. That’s not the college experience I wanted. I’ve been accepted to colleges here and in other places, and I want get out of my hometown. Money is not an issue. I have some scholarships and our […]

Double Take: Transitioning From Elementary to Middle School


Going from Elementary to Middle School Miranda: In late August I’ll pack up my room and leave for college. I’ll watch as my parents drive off leaving me to get accustomed to my new life; to take new classes and make new friends. I certainly won’t be the only kid transitioning to a new school […]

Double Take: Anorexia


Katie: Anorexia nervosa whittled me down to 90 pounds when I was 15, putting my body mass index in the first percentile of girls my age. I’m not proud of that, but I am proud to write that after regaining the weight I lost, I have achieved happiness and healthiness. I’m sharing my recovery story […]

Double Take: Crack Down on Drunken Driving with Teens (and Adults)


Dr. Wes: I was visiting with a young person the other day we’ll call Jordan. Jordan blew about three times the legal limit and joined a growing number of teens and young adults coming face to face with the consequences of drunk driving. The legal consequences, that is. The real consequences—death, maiming, a felony conviction—make […]

Double Take: The Tragedy of Teen Homicides


Wes: Homicide is the second leading cause of teen deaths in America, accounting for 13% of lost lives from age 12 to 19. Though accidents, most of them in automobiles, kill three times as many teens, 13% is still a sobering number to consider. For black teens, the rate is even higher. The faces of […]

Double Take: Post-Election Holidays? Families Need to Keep It Civil


Dear Dr. Wes and Katie: I am dreading the holidays. All summer my family argued about politics. I was home from college and I’m more liberal than my family. By Thanksgiving we’ll know who wins the next election and either way it’s going to be horrible. My family doesn’t argue about these things in a […]

Double Take: Is a College Degree an ATM or an Educational Journey?


Katie: Every year I was in junior high, the guidance counselors showed a PowerPoint on making post-high school plans. First we’d calculate our GPAs, determine the number of credits we needed to graduate, and then consider a bar graph comparing the average salaries between high school and college graduates. The point of the presentation? You […]

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