Bobby Kent and My Anxious Parenting

bobby kent

My son went to prom last night. I finally attempted to go to bed at 11:45, but I didn’t sleep. I got in bed and read for about fifteen minutes until I heard the front door. Then, I ran downstairs to make sure my son was OK. He was there with his girlfriend. He was […]

5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About Cheap Textiles, Roman Bloodsports and Crooked Letters

It’s Friday. Yes, that means Pizza Friday (for lunch and dinner, as it turns out this week), but it also means it’s time to answer the kids’ questions, great and small. You ought to see the lineup. I have a couple that have inspired posts of their own. I want to take a paragraph to […]

Cool Gadgets That Let You Monitor Teen Driving

monitoring your teens driving

Do you know the driving habits of your teen? Receiving a license to drive can be an extremely liberating experience for teens, but it can also be a worrisome experience for parents of teen drivers. From smart phones and text messaging to MP3 players and instant messaging, teen drivers today are faced with a number […]

How To Organize Your Teenager’s Room – Part 2

messy teen room

If you’ve read the first part of this series, you may now be ready for some concrete suggestions on how to find peace. This isn’t easy, and it may not ever be solved to everyone’s complete satisfaction, but I believe there are some boundaries that can be negotiated to alleviate a lot of the stress.  Here’s a […]

Raising A Rock Star – The Creative Teen

Sergio's First Guitar

My son is the type of person who would NEVER call himself a rock star.  He is and will be a musician. To say that I am proud of my son would be like saying I love staying home with my cats.  It’s an obvious understatement.  My son has not always been the easiest child […]

Are You the Reason Your Teen is Failing?

checking kids grades online

Why Checking Your Teen’s Grades Online May Be Causing Them to Fail In the past, report card day was filled with anticipation. For some kids, it was a moment of triumph. Holding their straight-A report card and watching their parents’ eyes fill with pride was worth all of their hard work. Other kids would race […]

Wide-Eyed Elementary School Parents


Disclaimer: I love my son more than I love Reese’s peanut butter cups, vanilla ice cream, elastic-waist pants, and cats.  I do not think he will kill Harry Potter, or any other living or fictional person.  I admire his individuality and intelligence, and would take him over any honor student/soccer player/ cookie-cutter kid.  All of my […]

What Parents Need to Know About Distracted Driving

teens who text and drive

Distracted Driving and Your Teen With the rise in cell phone ownership in the early 2000s, serious questions were raised about the safety risks of talking on the phone while driving; since that time 10 states including California, New Jersey, and New York have banned the use of hand-held devices while operating a motor vehicle. […]

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