Are We Stressing Kids Out? A Teacher’s Point of View

are we stressing our teens out

What a Music Teacher Thinks About Your Kids Schedule A typical conversation between a student and music teacher: Teacher: “Did you practice that song this week?” Student: “I don’t have time to practice my instrument, I have: Soccer practice 3 times/week Religious studies 2 times/week Basketball practice 3 times/week Dance practice Saturdays for 3 hours […]

Teens and Social Media – What Parents Need to Know


Parents receive daily warnings on how their teens’ social media activities will hurt their chances of getting into college or finding a job. Rather than dwelling on the well publicized negatives of teen social media use, parents should be working with their teens to unleash the positive storytelling powers of social media. Parents can help […]

What to Say to a Child With Stage Fright

donna schwartz

Helping Your Kids Overcome Stage Fright “I’m so nervous. How do I not get nervous when I’m playing my solo?” How many times have we heard these words uttered to us as music teachers and music parents? One of my Jazz Band students (Elementary) just uttered these exact words right before our part of the […]

Which Do You Choose? Love or Right?


Your kid comes home from school with a black eye he got in a fight he started protecting someone from being bullied. Before he can even get his backpack off his shoulder, the interrogation begins. Not the “Oh my gosh, honey! Are you okay??” kinds of questions but more like the, “How could you?! What […]

The Sound of Music and the Price of Parental Sanity

beth markley

Music in the house When I was a second grader somebody let me pick up and scratch out a few notes on a violin. I can’t fathom why I wanted to. Might have been a Laura Ingalls kind of thing. The class was held in a building I remember looking a little like a one-room […]

Teens: 5 Tips for Conducting a Successful Job Search


1. Know what soft skills to market. Your soft skills are invaluable to your job search success. Become aware of your soft skills that are your strengths and best suited for the job you are applying for. Employees use soft skills as an indicator to determine what type of employee you may be, how well […]

The Magical Tradition of Quinceanera

The only thing fathers dread more than IRS audits or getting trapped on an island without SportsCenter, is their daughter’s plunge into womanhood by joining the dating world, so the Quinceañera is just as emotionally helpful for them as their 15-year-old. Similar to the concept of Bat Mitzvah’s and often associated with ceremonially exiting childhood, girls […]

5 Steps to Motivate Your Teen to Find a Job

motivating teens to find a job

Parents, the world has changed since you looked for your first job. Today’s labor market is crowded with laid-off and terminated individuals plus displaced homemakers and workers. Add to that people previously self-employed are now unemployed as a result of economic conditions. Because of this, today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Teens are […]

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