Would Grandma Approve of Your Facebook Page?

If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother don't post it online

Yes, colleges are looking at your Facebook and other social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pheed----the list of social networking options is seemingly endless.  We use them practically 24/7, sometimes with the mistaken notion that they are forms of private communication rather than public fora.  The illusion that our children, nieces, … [Read more...]

Getting the Most from College Visits

getting the most from college visits

Visiting college campuses this spring? You have completed the tour, listening politely as the guide extolled the college’s many virtues.  Now it’s time to flee campus and head off to schools #2 and #3 and repeat.  Or, maybe not.  A formal tour is just the beginning in learning about a school.  You can digest a number of facts about the college, particularly if you are in a … [Read more...]

Socrates and College Choice: Know Thyself When Searching for Colleges

high school assessment

A Teen's Self Assessment for College “I looked on a map, and it was closest to the beach.”  This quote attributed to a University of San Diego student represents the haphazard approach that many students employ when considering which colleges to visit as a first step in deciding where to apply.  As high school juniors begin developing a list of prospective schools, it is … [Read more...]

College Prep – Juniors Need Love, Too!

getting high schoolers ready for college

When Should You Begin Preparing for College? Spring semester finds high school seniors receiving college admission decisions, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and applying for scholarships.  Soon they will begin comparing financial aid packages and weighing offers of admission before choosing a school.  It’s an exciting period in their lives, and the … [Read more...]

From Middle School to High School – A Small Step, a Giant Leap

starting high school

Moving from middle school to high school Current 8th-graders are preparing for that rapidly approaching first day of high school, and their emotions likely range from excitement and joy to trepidation and confusion.  They relish the thought of moving freely around the school while simultaneously fretting about getting lost and being tardy for class.  Clubs, varsity sports, and … [Read more...]