Giving Your Teen Their License to Date – Podcast

Letting your teen date before they've had some lessons is like driving a car without a license

Teens and Dating Podcast You wouldn't let your teen get behind the wheel of a car before they'd gone thru driver's ed or driving school lessons, so why would you let them start dating without some lessons on relationships? Our guest this week is Lisa Jander, also known as the Teen Dating Mechanic and in this podcast we discuss different things your teen needs to know before … [Read more...]

8 Basic Life Skills Every New College Student Must Have

basic life skills for college students

College is a time for self-exploration, new discoveries and freedom — and your daughter is probably counting down the days until it begins. Before she leaves, bring your teen back down to earth by providing a few skills that will reduce the number of embarrassing situations, social mistakes and traumatic experiences she could have when she's out on her own. Save Lives She … [Read more...]

Technology and the Sexploitation of our Teens – Podcast

Teens using technology are easy prey for sexploitation. This podcast we discuss how to be aware.

Dr. Tracy Bennett discusses technology, teens and sexploitation We're talking about teens, tweens and technology again this week on our podcast, but getting into some serious stuff. Too many young teens are sending wildly inappropriate photos and texts to members of the opposite sex and their friends. Or their friends could be taking photos of your child when they're not even … [Read more...]

How Kids Find Strength and Growth by Playing Sports

kids can find great strength emotionally from playing sports

Strength and Growth thru Gymnastics Ten years ago my pre-k daughter was asked to join a tumbling class with a classmate.  I don't remember much about the class except that once cold weather rolled in, we realized the gym was not heated and our little 4-year-old tumblers were not enjoying tumbling while their teeth chattered. One by one the girls dropped out. My daughter had … [Read more...]

Teens and Tweens Using Social Media, and Technology Podcast


Teens, Tweens, Technology and Social Media Podcast A lot of parents struggle with social media and technology when it comes to their tweens and teens. In this podcast, Dorien Morin-van Dam and our Editor, Kristen Daukas, discuss the pros and cons of it as well as how to handle schools who only use devices to teach in classes. Topics we discuss include: What age do … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Summer Reading Lists

Does your child have a long summer reading list? This is why we hate them.

The Dreaded Summer Reading Program I am a reader. Walking into any bookstore or the local library physically and instantly changes me; I am suddenly intoxicated, woozy, tingling with the sight …the feel…the smell of all those gorgeous books just waiting to be swallowed up. My idea of a perfect vacation day is curling up on my sofa or sitting on the beach with a good book in … [Read more...]

A Podcast About Racial Tension and Our Kids

susan pashman podcast

Talking the tough talk about racial tension in 2015 We're joined this week by author Susan Pashman who wrote the fictional book, Upper West Side Story, but considering all that we're going thru in our country today - it's hard to believe that it's actually fiction. In this podcast, Susan and Kristen discuss: How perception plays a key role in racial tension How little … [Read more...]

Book Review: Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends: How to Successfully Navigate Your Daughter’s Tween Years

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.01.25 PM

Navigating the Tween Years with Your Daughter The tween years can be an uncertain time for both girls and their parents. Parents try to identify and sympathize with the mood and attitude changes of their daughters, they watch friendships change or come and go, and look on as mean girls take center stage. If that weren’t enough, temptations and negative influences are … [Read more...]

5 Fun, Family Flicks to Watch with Tweens

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.47.45 PM

Grab the Popcorn for Family Movie Night! "How about Shrek?" I asked my eleven-year-old son. I held up the DVD case splashed with the picture of the lovable green ogre. "Mom," he replied. "NO." "What's wrong with Shrek?" I queried. We were going through our DVDs, trying to pick G- or PG-rated movies that his class could watch on the bus during their sixth grade field trip … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Fruit Pizza Recipe

chocolate and fruit pizza

Chocolate and Fruit Pizza - YUM!! Why not? I love chocolate and peanut butter! I love chocolate and bananas! I love chocolate and strawberries!  Most importantly, I love pizza! BOOM! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5] About Sara Pittman –  Sara is from sunny San Diego CA. She is a wife, busy mother of 3 and amateur chef stumbling through organized chaos on a daily basis using … [Read more...]

Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends Podcast with Debi Smith-Racanelli


Podcast with Debi Smith-Racanelli - author of Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends This week's podcast is with the author of Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends: How to Successfully Navigate Your Daughter's Tween Years, Debi Smith-Racanelli and it's chock full of good advice and insight on what can often be tumultuous years. Some of the topics we discuss are: What is the … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Balancing Family Connection and Fun Screen Time

6 ways to unplug and connect this summer

Oh Delicious Summertime Remember last summer? You started out strong with fantasies straight from your ‘80’s memories of yummy giggling connection, nourishing sunshine, fresh fruit, and dusty barefoot tree climbing. But then there were closets to sort, kids to feed, and socks to wash . . . Everybody kind of drifted off, positioning themselves in front of their screens. When … [Read more...]

Teens Making a Difference Podcast: Ethan Fisher of SillyClipz and Steel Sole!

Teens making a difference Ethan Fisher

Meet teen inventor, Ethan Fisher in this week's Teens Making a Difference podcast! You are in for a treat with this week's podcast! Remember SillyBands? Well, today's guest, Ethan Fisher is the creator of SillyClipz as well as his newest endeavor, Steel Sole Inserts! Ethan claims that he's been in business and coming up with ideas since he started talking, and once you get to … [Read more...]

The Father’s Day Podcast with The Beer Dads

celebrating fathers day with the beer dads

Father's Day Podcast! This could end up being our favorite podcast to date. We're hosting Jon, Paul and Tim who host The Beer Dads. They're 3 dads who host a podcast about being dads while drinking craft beer. How much better can you get?! In honor of Father's Day, I get to ask them some tough questions such as: What's you favorite "dadism" that you've passed on to your … [Read more...]

Stop Whining: What to Expect When You’re Expecting To Move With Kids 

moving with kids and not losing your mind

Moving With Kids Before and after a move, there are plenty of rather predictable steps to make things easier. And then there are those other, more elusive things that only veteran moms can share. So stop and pay attention. After moving 22 times in 23 years of marriage, I’ve adopted several habits when faced with a move to help reduce the risk for emotional meltdowns—and I'm … [Read more...]

The Angry Grad Podcast – Alternatives to Big College Debt

the angry grad podcast

This week's podcast is with Leah Bell, the author of The Angry Grad: Your Guide to Student Loans, a Struggling Economy, and Becoming Your Own Boss. Too many of us graduate from college with more debt than we can handle. While the job economy may be getting better, it's still a challenge for today's graduates to find a job that pays enough to live on their own AND pay back … [Read more...]

Planning a Vacation with Teenagers

how to plan a vacation with teens

Teens and Vacation “Can I bring my Nintendo?” This was my then-14-year-old son’s first question when we announced that we were taking a trip to Malawi, East Africa. Traveling with teenagers is a completely different experience than traveling with children. Sometimes they seem like a whole different species. Yet you undoubtedly love your own teenager, warts and all—or … [Read more...]

What this Mom Learned From The College Admissions Process

What this mom learned from the college process

Being a mother with a child going through the college process is a little like child birth — while it’s happening it’s sooooo painful, but when it’s over you look back and think it wasn’t that bad (but it really was!).  So if you’re a parent with a high school student, gather as much advice as you can. Navigating college admissions and financing is as much a rite of passage … [Read more...]