5 for Friday: Camera Interference, Bar Codes, and Sittin’ on the Dock of a Bay

Go Ask Daddy: Open for business. The kids don’t ask me about the fiscal cliff, or General Petraeus, or even what the heck the BCS is going to do if four schools remain undefeated. Nothing heavy, you see. No, the questions come out of what’s in front of them. The grocery store. Storms. Sports. Long […]

How To Organize Your Teen’s Room – Part 1

As If! I could find anything here...

So Your Teen’s Bedroom is a Mess Do you have a teenager, and her room is driving you crazy? Maybe the bathroom is even worse: it smells like gym socks or is covered in make-up and hair bands. The days of the perfectly made bed seem far away, and you have lowered the bar way […]

How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18

tanya-joyner-kids bordered

The Parenting Advice Book for Parents of Teens! The funny thing I’ve found about parenting is that my parents were much wiser than I originally thought.  At the beginning phases of creating this book, I still considered my parents to be a bit cuckoo.  Of course, most kids think their parents are “crazy old people”.  […]

Ask Ten to Twenty: My Son has a Crush on My Girlfriend’s Daughter

parenting questions answered

We’ve started a new section here at Ten to Twenty where we’re letting you ask for advice! We won’t reveal your identity when we answer you, so feel free to ask us your most pressing questions! Q: “I’ve started dating someone and we both have kids in the 10-12 age range. Even before we started […]

Three Popular Parenting Styles Used With Teenagers

which style of parenting your teen is best

What’s the Best Way to Parent Teens? Teenagers are a handful when it comes to parenting. If you have a teenager, then no one needs to tell you this. You can’t really undergo a trial and error process when it comes to parenting styles, because this can show weakness on your part and some teenagers […]

The Challenges and Strengths of Single Moms

the strength of single moms

According to Wikipedia, 83.1% of single parents are mothers. There are many reasons a woman might be a single mom. For instance, their husband may have died, they may be divorced, they may have never been married, or could have chosen adoption, artificial insemination, or in vitro fertilization. But, being a single mom is the hardest job […]

Is Your Tween Ready for the Makeup Counter?

when is it time for teens and makeup

What’s the best age for girls to wear makeup? Parents always dread the thought of their children growing up – more so when they have daughters and especially once they start requesting to wear makeup. The fact is that your daughter is going to wear makeup at some point in the near future, so it’s […]

How to Keep Your Teen Safe Driving On New Year’s Ever

Is Your Teen Driving on New Year’s Eve? When you were a teenager, you thought that you were a great driver; you know better today. Unfortunately, your teenagers think like you did back then. Now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s the season to share your experience of a lifetime behind the wheel. […]

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