How Does Your Summer Smell?

kids in the summer

There’s a certain smell to summertime. For me, it’s a smell you only get early in the day, before others awake, a mix of humid air, sunshine, dirt, and a life that smells good. The smell reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ house far away. I loved being in their home that smelled of […]

Five Things You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

driving lessons for teens

When it comes to teaching our kids, we know there are the basic things like eating, walking, tying our shoes (although I confess – my kids learned this in school and perfected it at home) and flushing after you use the bathroom.  But when it comes to driving, what about those “other” things? Those little […]

Time for Braces? Let’s Check Out Invisalign!


Can Teens and Tweens Use Invisalign? Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are ours. The teen and tween years bring many rites of passage. First day of middle school, first “real” boy/girlfriend, drivers permit and the true badge of teen years – braces. Whether you’ve heard your dentist say it for a few years […]

Giving Your Teen the Driving Skills They Need

I know your child’s safety is one of the most important things. With this and the overall safety and wellbeing of our communities in mind, I founded a nonprofit several years ago. Teen Driving Solutions School aims to reduce the rate of teen deaths by car crashes – the leading cause of death for this […]

Woozworld – the Safe Online World for Your Tween


One of the tough things about having tweens is that they are so anxious to try social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but the ‘legal’ age of those sites is 13, so what alternatives are there? We were given the opportunity to try a site that was created with the preteen/tween group in mind – […]

Teen Talk.. Like, Totally

teen slang

How to Decipher Teen Talk I just returned home from an evening at my least favorite place – the mall. I would rather shop local or shop on-line and  reserve trips to the mall for emergencies or to entertain my  13 year old daughter. Tonight was the latter and it involved not just her but […]

6 Life Skills Your Teen Needs to Know Before College

tips for college freshmen

Your high school senior is getting ready to graduate and you’ve got 2 months left to teach them a few life skills to get them ready for their Freshman year at college. Many students leaving home for the first time will be well-versed in all things domestic before going to college, but there are a […]

Happy Mothers Day!


To all the awesome Moms out there.. hope your day is as spectacular as you! Thank you for all that you do and know that you are loved!

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