Communication Conversion

how do you communicate

Honestly – does your teen text you from inside the house? And if they do – do you text back? What is happening to the art of conversation? Or at least the ability or desire to converse in person? It’s an interesting phenomenon if you step back and look at it. When cell phones allowed […]

5 Reasons You’re Not Talking About Money with Your Kids

talking about money with your kids

And 5 Reasons Why You Should When we had our first daughter over 12 years ago and I became a stay at home mom, we quickly went from a two-income family to a single income household. I wont’t lie – at first, we made many missteps managing our “new” budget. Fortunately, we were able to […]

4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Choose the Right College

preparing your teen for college

Do you remember when you were a teen, trying to choose a college? What was important to you – location, school reputation, what school your friends were attending? Now that you’re a parent of a teen – and you’ve been there yourself – chances are you realize a lot of factors contribute to what makes […]

Ways to Protect Your Teens from Eating Disorders

Encouraging healthy eating habits

Most parents are under the impression that anorexia and bulimia only affect female teenagers. This misconception may prove to be a fatal mistake. Eating disorders can affect male and female teenagers. The problem usually begins at the age of 13 to 14. However, some cases show that this problem is more rampant in the 17 […]

How to Save Money on Tween’s Clothes

How to convert kid sizes to junior sizes I don’t have to tell you how expensive kids clothes are but if you think they’re expensive now, wait til they get OUT of kids clothes and into juniors or mens. Holy Cow. Case in point.. I had to get Sydney a pair of black pants for […]

Tips for Dealing with Teenage Rebellion

Dealing with teenage rebellion

Puberty is something that almost always causes plenty of waves to go through the life of any given family. Although it may not seem like it, teenage rebellion has always been here in one form of another and it really is a natural process that one cannot completely prevent. However, responsible parents nevertheless need to […]

Have Yourself A Simpler Little Christmas

Are you prone to over-complicating things? A perfectionist who thinks everything needs to be just so? This Christmas give yourself the gift of keeping it simple – and remember the reason for season.  It’s not about crazy spending, cooking the consummate turkey dinner or finding the ultimate present for that oh-so-difficult person who has everything. […]

How to Create Last Minute Christmas Vouchers

Stuck for what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Do they already have the latest gadgets and ‘must have’s’? Or maybe money’s a bit tight and you need to find something great for not a lot of cash. Last Christmas I didn’t have a clue what to give my teen and tween boys. When they […]

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