Dear Kids: If I Die, Please DON’T be a Sh** head


Dear Children:  Should I die from heat stroke in hot yoga class I am being forced to take tomorrow by my alleged “friends” here is a list of ten of the most important life lessons I want you to remember. Love Mom 1) DON’T be a sh** head. Don’t be a sh** head is actually the only piece of advice you will ever need in life. A sh** head can best be summed up as a person who … [Read more...]

Wine and Cheetos Podcast – Three Moms Dish on Summer with Teens

chatting about summer with wine and cheetos

This was such a fun podcast to record!! Listen as Kristen, Kimberly and Jennifer grab a glass of wine and some Cheetos (okay, only Kristen had Cheetos) and chat about summer plans, teens and jobs, making them save their paychecks, the return of the college kids and more!  … [Read more...]

This Memorial Day Send a Thank You Tweet – #ThanksKindly

This Memorial Day, tweet your thanks to a soldier!

This Memorial Day, join the KIND Movement and Thank a Military Member or Cell Phones For Soldiers Thanking Troops with the Help of a Handwriting Robot If you had the chance to thank a military member, what would you say? Here’s your opportunity to do just that during National Military Appreciation Month– in 140 characters or less! Cell Phones For Soldiers, a nonprofit started … [Read more...]

Are You the Perfect Mommy or More Mommy Dearest


With the joyful carefree bike riding days of Spring finally here it’s time for me to come clean. Today I’m sharing a deep and dark McKenzie family secret. I am not perfect mommy. Ouch. Yes my two children have witnessed more than their fair share of their dear mother teetering dangerously close to Joan Crawford land. That of the wickedly evil mommy dearest. Fortunately … [Read more...]

Which Commercial is the Best on YouTube?


Happy 10th Anniversary to YouTube! Did you know that YouTube turned TEN this year?! Your kids probably watch it a lot more than you do, but you have to confess.. you can't get thru the day without seeing something thru YouTube - can you even imagine a day without it now? Where would you go to find stupid pet videos and an endless stream of "how-to" videos? Here are some … [Read more...]

Podcast: College Prep To-Do List for This Summer

college tours podcast

Summer to-dos to get your high-schooler ready for college In this week's podcast, Brenda Yoder gives you a few "college prep" ideas to make the most of the time you and your high-schooler have during the summer break! Summer is right around the corner and while each of us need at least a couple of weeks just to catch our breath (and a few extra zzzz's!) you don't want that … [Read more...]

Rejected Reproductive Health Unit Titles

Rejected Reproductive Health Unit Titles

The email from my son's middle school caught my eye. I opened it and read: "You are invited to come preview the lessons and teaching materials for Puberty: The Wonder Years." Puberty: The Wonder Years? What, is Kevin Arnold narrating the videos about the miraculous changes that happen to your body when Winnie Cooper walks by? Gawk! What a terrible title. Puberty and … [Read more...]

Delicious and (gasp!) Healthy Blueberry Muffins


Who doesn't love a blueberry muffin?  If not blueberry, then how about raspberry, cranberry, banana, almond, or (my favorite) chocolate chip? A few months ago I came down with some kind of stomach flu and to be very careful about what I ate.  This forced me to cut out things like dairy products, white flour, and white sugar. Now, I have a serious sweet tooth, so this task … [Read more...]


Bubble style test form

Yesterday, my daughter was preparing me dinner in her pretend kitchen, asking me if I wanted any “lemon-lade” with my plastic banana and steak. Today she is almost finished her junior year in high school. My head is reeling from the whiplash of time, and the vertigo I feel is only going to intensify in the next year. It’s emotional enough to watch your baby grown into a … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day from Ten to Twenty!!!

The best we can give you on mothers day

Parenting Tips and Humor from the Moms of Ten to Twenty!! Need some inspiration or tips for raising teens and tweens? We've rounded up some of the best from our very own Moms. Enjoy their wisdom and humor and we hope you have THE best Mother's Day because girls, you sure do deserve it!! Dani Walker: Lisa R. Petty:   Carrie Wible: C Lee … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day Manifesto

a mothers day manifesto

If Mother’s Day doesn’t feel like a sharp stick in the eye, you’re doing it wrong.  -Lenora Rand Mother’s Day is a pain in the ass. There, I’ve said it. A day when we spend more than $14 billion in this country trying to tell our moms we are grateful for them. With cards and flowers and candy and jewelry and expensive meals out.  A day when, as a mom, you’re set … [Read more...]

Bake – Not Broil

what happens when you set the oven to broil and not bake

Last Mother’s Day I was treated to the nicest thing; with one small minor exception. A teensy mistake that very nearly set the house ablaze. This. Had I not asked one simple question. BAKE NOT BROIL It all came about because my 18 year-old son has hit upon the world’s greatest cookbook. I’d share the title but I can’t. While he has given me permission to reveal this little … [Read more...]

Why I Didn’t Have “The Talk” With My Daughter

having the sex talk with your tweens

Talking About Sex With Your Kids First a disclaimer-slash-apology to my mother who will read this and instantly and loudly denounce what I am about to say as “lies, all lies!” Mom, you are a great mom, you are my BFF, and I love you. But “awkward” doesn’t begin to describe your approach to The Talk - that Big Important Conversation about bodies, puberty, and S-E-X. Honestly, … [Read more...]

Special Mother’s Day Podcast with The Beer Dads

special podcast with The Beer Dads

I'm sooooo excited to bring you this week's VERY special podcast which is a "simulcast" with 3 of my favorite guys, friends and DADS!! They have a great podcast called The Beer Dads and if you haven't listened to them, you definitely should. They're 3 friends who are dads and they hit on really great topics from a dad's point of view... while drinking a beer! The four of us … [Read more...]

Kindness Wins – Podcast with Author Galit Breen


Helping to stop cyber-bullying When Galit Breen wrote an article on her 12th anniversary about the the things that married women know, she never thought it would turn into a vicious commenting cycle where all people talked about was her weight. So Galit wrote another article - this time for xoJane and took the negative commenters to a bit of a battle and that response exploded … [Read more...]

What’s Hot for Prom 2015 – Podcast with Jen Forman

what's trending in teen formal wear for prom 2015?

Prom Fashion and Formal Wear for Teens When we went to prom, we didn't have too many choices for where we got our dresses and tuxedo's were the only thing you rented unless your parents were generous and sprung for a limo. But it doesn't take too long to figure out that teens today have a wide variety of choices for formal wear and one look at the prices tell you that they're … [Read more...]

Working thru Teen Addiction – Podcast with Kimberly Muench


Teen Alcohol and Drug Use What do you do when you find out that your teen is using alcohol or drugs? Addiction is a strong word and one that many parents are scared to say out loud. Kimberly Muench joins us again for some great advice on what to do as well as what NOT to do. You can listen either here or on iTunes or Stitcher. We'd love if you'd give us a review on iTunes … [Read more...]

Teens Making a Difference Podcast with Poketti Creators Sydney, Toni & Kris Loew

teens making a difference with sydney loew of poketti plushies

Meet Teen-preneur, Sydney Loew in this week's podcast!! Every time you turn on the TV or open your laptop, there is some new story about a teen who's gone astray. We realize there's a lot of truth in the stories but we also know there are some AMAZING teens and tweens making a difference and those are the ones we want to focus on! This week, we want to introduce you to … [Read more...]