When You Have a Sliding Door Moment

lisa fuller

A favorite time of day for me is when my family has gone to bed. The children are all tucked in, I crawl into bed, and get to chose from my stack of great reads. One recent evening, my 13-year old son came into our room. Just as I was settling into cozy contemplation, about to […]

Teens Rocking the World: Sydney Loew of Poketti

sydney loew of poketti

Sydney Lowe – Poketti Plushies This may be somewhat of a spoiler, but as I was doing research for our upcoming Teen/Tween Gift Guide, I came across a company called Poketti. What I didn’t know at first is that this company was started by a 13-year-old girl named Sydney (hey! I have a 13-year-old Sydney, […]

Hard to Focus on Homework? A Few Tips for Studying at Home

helping your kids conquer homework

Creating Better Homework Environments An organized, efficient workspace can turn a regular home office into a homework haven. With the distractions kids face — video games, text messaging friends and Facebook updates — completing assignments after school can sometimes be an ordeal. Help your kids stay focused by following these five tips. Create a Study […]

Private Parts, Public Display and Parenting Boys: A Mom’s Perspective

when boys express themselves

He Drew a WHAT?! A mom of girls recently posted a question to me as a mom of boys, “What is the allure in drawing penises? I just don’t understand!” She was shocked at the large “thing” drawn on her driveway by a high schooler at her daughter’s party. I smiled. As a school counselor for […]

Tweens and Kik – It’s Far From Kicks

your tween and kik

 You Tween and Kik As a mom, and a communications professional in the technology space, I’ve heard some pretty scary stories about kids’ use of social media. Predators lurking on Facebook, bullying happening via Twitter and even suspicious activity occurring on Minecraft. Add in all the news about SnapChat and Ask.FM and it’s easy to […]

Can You Improve Your Child’s Grades?

how can you help your kids get the best grades

Parents want only the best for their kids, right? As a mom or dad, you would probably want your child to excel in school – be it their grades, arts, music, writing, or sports. A lot of parents I know would want their kids to do well in terms of their academic performance. After all, […]

Five “Back to School” Rules for Technology

whitney fleming

Technology Needs Back to School Rules, Too As kids get older, more and more of their school work is completed online. Homework assignments, research, and collaborating with their classmates on projects are now all completed through the Web instead of at the library — like we used to do it in the olden days. Although […]

Six Steps For Raising A Daughter with Healthy Eating Habits

raising healthy eating daughters

Notes From An Eating Disorder Survivor When I gave birth to a daughter, I was terrified. At twenty-three, I was still a girl myself, struggling with my own issues – an eating disorder, insecurities, and identity issues. If I struggled with my own body issues, how was I going to raise a girl with a […]

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