Terrific Tips for Better Test Scores This School Year

How to have better test scores this school year.

Test on Friday! These words strike fear in most students from first graders to college seniors. They worry that they'll forget the material they've already studied or that  they'll face questions they can't answer. There is always some anxiety associated with taking a test, and for some kids, the anxiety can negatively impact their performance.  Students may know the … [Read more...]

When You Are Worried About Sending Your Kids to School

Are you worried about your kids going back to school? You're not alone.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be sending my 5 children, who span in age from 6 to 19 years old, to 5 different schools — elementary, middle, special education, high school, and culinary school. I’ve done hundreds of Back to School nights, classroom parties, Parent Teacher conferences, First Days, Last Days, PJ days, and Scramble-to-finish-this-project-that’s-due-tomorrow … [Read more...]

6 Good Things About Raising Teen Boys

raising teen boys is an awesome experience

What's So Great About Teen Boys? I have four children, three of whom are adults and have (thankfully) flown the coop. I thought I had this whole, raising-teenagers-in-a-stress-free-zone thing down. Even patted myself on the back for getting them off to college without an arrest record or a shotgun wedding. And then came wild child number four, who could easily have been a … [Read more...]

Stopping Homework H$ll Before it Begins – Podcast

Was last year's school year too much? We're talking about how to avoid homework hell this year.

The Dreaded Homework Cycle This is our last back to school podcast and it's a doozy!! Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos joins us this week to help stop the homework hell before it even begins! In this podcast, we discuss: The 2 types of procrastinators - Functional and Dysfunctional Bridging the gap between "now" and "not now" and getting to "future … [Read more...]

From Mom to Monster in 60 Seconds

losing your cool as a mom is okay, in fact, it's expected

Yesterday I lost control Last night I bellowed like a monster. After four days of not having my kids since they were vacationing at their grandparents, I saw myself screaming at Miloš about his behavior that rubbed me totally raw and for the first time, I asked him to be away from me and to sit in a corner. Where did that monster come from? Who was she? I knew I blew it. … [Read more...]

The Real Cost of a College Meal Plan

how much does a college meal plan really cost?

How much will it cost to eat at college? It first occurred to me that I might not need to buy quite as many groceries about the third time I poured an unopened and expired gallon of milk down the drain after my son left for college. I was in the habit of  buying 4 gallons of milk a week, but it turns out that my college kiddo was drinking 3 1/2 of those gallons because the … [Read more...]

Blue Lizard – a Truly Safe and Effective Sunscreen


Sunscreen That Honestly Works Sure summer is thisclose to being over, but there are still beach trips to be had, sports to be played and college (and pro!) football games to attend, which means it is NOT time to put the sunscreen away just yet. There have been a LOT of articles floating around recently about the discovery that your favorite sunscreen may not be the BEST … [Read more...]

Project Semicolon;


I don’t like needles. I don’t like the idea of a permanent commitment. And I certainly don’t like doing things that make me nervous. So why would I choose to get a tattoo? There has been a lot of news lately regarding the Semicolon Tattoo Project. People have shared that their tattoo is a commitment to themselves, a daily reminder that their story isn’t over. They have … [Read more...]

The Back to School, Sanity Saving Podcast


Back to School Podcast that Will Save Your Sanity and Maybe Some Money! It's August which means it's time for most of us to start getting ready for the kids going back to school! Shoot - some of you are already there!! We thought it was a good time to start talking about ways to stay sane, get ready and hopefully save some money to boot! Jennifer Roscamp who is a frequent … [Read more...]

If You Have Daughters, It’s Time for TMI!


Talking With Your Daughter About Yeast Infections We participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Monistat. We received a product and promotional item to thank us for our participation. You know when you’re in a conversation and suddenly someone offers up a juicy little tidbit that maybe reveals a little bit too much about them? Most of us refer … [Read more...]

Giving Your Teen Their License to Date – Podcast

Letting your teen date before they've had some lessons is like driving a car without a license

Teens and Dating Podcast You wouldn't let your teen get behind the wheel of a car before they'd gone thru driver's ed or driving school lessons, so why would you let them start dating without some lessons on relationships? Our guest this week is Lisa Jander, also known as the Teen Dating Mechanic and in this podcast we discuss different things your teen needs to know before … [Read more...]

8 Basic Life Skills Every New College Student Must Have

basic life skills for college students

College is a time for self-exploration, new discoveries and freedom — and your daughter is probably counting down the days until it begins. Before she leaves, bring your teen back down to earth by providing a few skills that will reduce the number of embarrassing situations, social mistakes and traumatic experiences she could have when she's out on her own. Save Lives She … [Read more...]

Technology and the Sexploitation of our Teens – Podcast

Teens using technology are easy prey for sexploitation. This podcast we discuss how to be aware.

Dr. Tracy Bennett discusses technology, teens and sexploitation We're talking about teens, tweens and technology again this week on our podcast, but getting into some serious stuff. Too many young teens are sending wildly inappropriate photos and texts to members of the opposite sex and their friends. Or their friends could be taking photos of your child when they're not even … [Read more...]

How Kids Find Strength and Growth by Playing Sports

kids can find great strength emotionally from playing sports

Strength and Growth thru Gymnastics Ten years ago my pre-k daughter was asked to join a tumbling class with a classmate.  I don't remember much about the class except that once cold weather rolled in, we realized the gym was not heated and our little 4-year-old tumblers were not enjoying tumbling while their teeth chattered. One by one the girls dropped out. My daughter had … [Read more...]

Teens and Tweens Using Social Media, and Technology Podcast


Teens, Tweens, Technology and Social Media Podcast A lot of parents struggle with social media and technology when it comes to their tweens and teens. In this podcast, Dorien Morin-van Dam and our Editor, Kristen Daukas, discuss the pros and cons of it as well as how to handle schools who only use devices to teach in classes. Topics we discuss include: What age do … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Summer Reading Lists

Does your child have a long summer reading list? This is why we hate them.

The Dreaded Summer Reading Program I am a reader. Walking into any bookstore or the local library physically and instantly changes me; I am suddenly intoxicated, woozy, tingling with the sight …the feel…the smell of all those gorgeous books just waiting to be swallowed up. My idea of a perfect vacation day is curling up on my sofa or sitting on the beach with a good book in … [Read more...]

A Podcast About Racial Tension and Our Kids

susan pashman podcast

Talking the tough talk about racial tension in 2015 We're joined this week by author Susan Pashman who wrote the fictional book, Upper West Side Story, but considering all that we're going thru in our country today - it's hard to believe that it's actually fiction. In this podcast, Susan and Kristen discuss: How perception plays a key role in racial tension How little … [Read more...]

Book Review: Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends: How to Successfully Navigate Your Daughter’s Tween Years

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.01.25 PM

Navigating the Tween Years with Your Daughter The tween years can be an uncertain time for both girls and their parents. Parents try to identify and sympathize with the mood and attitude changes of their daughters, they watch friendships change or come and go, and look on as mean girls take center stage. If that weren’t enough, temptations and negative influences are … [Read more...]