Helping Your Teen Survive Valentine’s Day

surviving valentines day as a teen

Teens and Valentine’s Day When I was in high school, cheerleaders sold flowers on Valentine’s Day for one dollar with notes attached to them from the sender. As a cheerleader, I’d deliver them to unsuspecting girls or guys during the last hour of school. There were squeals of joy from girls beaming that someone bought […]

Is it Trendy to Date a Geek Nowadays?

Here is a question for you: do you remember when being a geek was a bad thing? I know I sure do, being that I was one my entire childhood. The “cool” kids didn’t play video games or like science fiction. They didn’t dream of taking the ring to Mordor or being a Jedi. They […]

The Day I Told My Daughter About Rape

teaching our daughters about rape

I had given her a lot of freedom since our move, more than I would have in New Jersey.  The small town to which we had relocated in coastal North Carolina had a Mayberry feel.  It was quiet in the off season but not deserted.  The neighbors looked out for one another yet politely minded […]

Is Your Teen Is Being Victimized In A Dating Relationship?

recognizing the signs of dating violence in teens

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. But intimate partner violence doesn’t begin when a ring is on a finger or when the guy moves in. It also happens in teen dating relationships. Consider these facts: In 2001, 1 out of 5 female high school students reported being physically and/or sexually abused by a partner (Jay […]

Love in the Tween Years

Nothing strikes fear in a parent’s heart like these words from your 11-year-old, “Mom, I’m in love.” When you have twins that come home and say it, it is a recipe for a crazy stew of hormones. I can’t say this is foreign territory. I was always boy-crazy. I was told this from as early […]

The Double Date

when your tweens want to date

If I wasn’t surrounded by half of our town, I would have cried. I was proud of myself. Outwardly I was keeping my composure. Inside, I was dying. Dressed in their baseball uniforms, I watched my tweens walk toward the friends they had spotted. The boys had asked if they could go say hello. The […]

Dime Store Bear

Dime Store Bear

Dime Store Bear I suppose I’m showing my age by calling them ‘Dime Stores’, but when I was a kid, that was the place you went to wander around and look at stuff you probably didn’t need.  It probably had other stuff in it too, stuff that grownups needed, but as a kid that stuff […]

5 Tips for Responsible Dating

rules for teen dating

Perhaps parents are not too ecstatic about their teenager starting to date. It is something that can cause much anxiety for a mother who would be up all night, wondering or worried. Even if you wish the time your teenager will never have to date, it will happen. The only sane thing to do is […]