How To Organize Your Teenager’s Room – Part 2

messy teen room

If you’ve read the first part of this series, you may now be ready for some concrete suggestions on how to find peace. This isn’t easy, and it may not ever be solved to everyone’s complete satisfaction, but I believe there are some boundaries that can be negotiated to alleviate a lot of the stress.  Here’s a […]

How To Organize Your Teen’s Room – Part 1

As If! I could find anything here...

So Your Teen’s Bedroom is a Mess Do you have a teenager, and her room is driving you crazy? Maybe the bathroom is even worse: it smells like gym socks or is covered in make-up and hair bands. The days of the perfectly made bed seem far away, and you have lowered the bar way […]

What Are The Best High School Jobs?

what are the best jobs for high school students

If you’re in high school and you need to have extra money, there are a lot of jobs you can try. Part time jobs for high school students are available almost everywhere. All it takes is initiative, hard work, and some guts. So what kinds of job can you have in high school? Here are […]

6 Best Time Savers for “New School” Parents

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If your child will be entering a new level school this fall, you may be in for a rude-awakening. You could feel short on time now, but just wait until you have a tween or teen to help get ready in the morning, when the new school starts on a whole new schedule. Luckily, there […]

Five Ways To Teach Kids About Money Using Online Tools

teaching kids to save money

With the current economic climate it pays to be savvy with your money and it’s never too soon for children to start learning about saving, managing and making money. While we’re not suggesting that you turn your children into money obsessed people, worried to spend their pocket-money or always on the look out to make […]



Sophiesynthesis  I know that, at first glance, this may look like just another cutesie Daddy/Daughter picture. Which it is.  At the same time, it’s also an amazing snapshot of one of nature’s most amazing, ancient, and complex processes.  While the actual chemistry of it is a bit of a mystery, the beauty of it remains […]



Apologies I’m going to open with a short discussion Ezra and I had recently…  we had an incident where an adult’s conduct was less than stellar in front of Ezra.  If my children get out of line, I expect them to apologize and make things right.  I expect that from adults as well.  Kids are […]

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine  20-May-2012 Dear Hot Rod Magazine, I was reading my June issue of Hot Rod over the weekend, and the more pages I turned, the more I got this creeping feeling that something was amiss.  Lots of good stuff in there, like always.  But the content wasn’t the problem.  Page […]

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