When Parents Are Full of $h*t

when parents are full of crap

Yes.. Sometimes Parents ARE Full of $h*t The two oldest of our three kids will be heading to NC State in a few weeks, our oldest for his sophomore year (transferring from UNC Charlotte) and our middle child for her freshman year. Our son has already changed his major from business to a biology-chemistry double […]

I am a Metal Mom – Not a Soccer Mom

I'm a heavy metal mom not a soccer mom

When we first moved here to Wisteria Lane, I knew we didn’t fit in. (Let me clarify, we don’t actually live on Wisteria Lane.) We live in a cookie cutter subdivision where everyone has 2.5 children, a dog, and a vehicle with third row seating. Sure, everyone said hello when we moved in. It’s not […]

Puppy Love

Teenagers in Love

Puppy Love Puppies at play.  You can’t watch puppies at play without smiling.  Or, if you can, you’re even more dead inside than I am! If you watch them closely, though, you’ll see that they’re actually fighting.  They’re slowly gaining skills in agility, strategy, and combat, in a harmless way that allows them to practice […]

The Most Important 10 Minutes of Your Day

the most important 10 minutes of your day

Where is your attention?         “Mom, are you busy?” my son asked.  I was in the middle of a project I wanted to finish. Luckily, my mouth came up with the right answer.  “No, What do you need?”  “Would you play this with me?” I looked in the hand of my sixth-grader. He […]

Managing the Expectations of Teens

Running the shuttle yesterday, my oldest and I drove thru one of the older neighborhoods in our area. You know the ones – with the big, old, huge estates that the people who built the towns used to live in. The houses that are enviable even to those who know the secrets that often live […]

So They’re Double-Ds Muscle-Wise?

what are double d's dad?

We’re having dinner last night and my daughter is telling us about a girl at school who is really muscular.  The following exchange occurred: Daughter (13 years old, seventh grade): “So, like this girl bends over to tie her shoes, and like, her muscles bulge out.  They’re like, huge!  And this boy, he like looks […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens

poketti plushies

Oh those precious teens and tweens. They are such complex creatures with so many interests and so many  wants but yet, when you ask them “what do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday” you’re often met with blank stares, “I don’t care/know”, or the dreaded response of cash and/or gift cards. And while those are fine, it’s […]

Was TV Your Childcare Provider?

should you use tv as a babysitter

I’m coming clean when I say that PBS Kids TV helped me raise my toddlers. In fact, I probably should have claimed them as my childcare provider on my taxes. It all started as a casual fling, the occasional viewing of Clifford the Big Red Dog and a quick snippet of Sesame Street, but then […]