Appreciating the Small Gifts in the Sandwich Years


The Sandwich Years of Midlife I am a 40-something. Mother of three, wife of one, daughter of two—one of which, my mom, has Alzheimer’s Disease. Looking back on the past year, it was really the time that it started to sink in—I AM in the “sandwich years” that everyone has told me about. I knew […]

Mandatory Family Fun Day: Why I Force My Teens to Hang Out with Me!

What does your family fun day look like? I write about my kids a lot.  I suppose that can be boring to read about after awhile, but to be honest, my life really does revolve around my family, and these two boys and I are home together this summer, so I am with them a […]

Five Parenting Opportunities that Impact Your Child

parenting opportunities in everyday life

Summer time is filled with lots of time with kids who aren’t in school. It’s easy to have big ideas for summer plans that quickly fade into “back to school planning.” Here are five parenting opportunities I’ve learned make a difference in the life of teens and tweens, even when we feel we’re too busy […]

Autism: Summer Isn’t Always Carefree


Summer is nearly half-way over, but the carefree summer days most of us remember as children and teens is not the usual case for teens on the autism spectrum. More often than not, school and therapies continue. My husband and I are parents to a 12-year-old son on the autism spectrum along with a 10-year-old […]

We Set the Sun

We Set the Sun

Who doesn’t love a good sunset?  I think that most people can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of one if they stumble upon it, even if it isn’t their favorite thing to watch. We do (most) things just a little differently than (most) other people, though.  Often, especially in the summer, we plan our evening […]

6 Things That School & Culture Aren’t Teaching Kids

what your kids don't know but should

I’m a middle school counselor, educator, and parent of teens. Both at home and at school I observe essential skills kids lack in the age of technology .  Here are five essential skills kids still need to know that schools and cultures aren’t teaching anymore. Knowing their street address and a parent’s phone number. Each […]

Good cop, Bad cop. How Our Two Mom Family Works

My partner Karol and I have been together for 10 years.  We have lived apart and we have lived together.  When we first decided to take the plunge and be a couple she was about to move to Pennsylvania and I was staying here in Virginia.  We knew it was going to be difficult, especially […]

How Does Your Summer Smell?

kids in the summer

There’s a certain smell to summertime. For me, it’s a smell you only get early in the day, before others awake, a mix of humid air, sunshine, dirt, and a life that smells good. The smell reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ house far away. I loved being in their home that smelled of […]