6 Things That School & Culture Aren’t Teaching Kids

what your kids don't know but should

I’m a middle school counselor, educator, and parent of teens. Both at home and at school I observe essential skills kids lack in the age of technology .  Here are five essential skills kids still need to know that schools and cultures aren’t teaching anymore. Knowing their street address and a parent’s phone number. Each […]

Good cop, Bad cop. How Our Two Mom Family Works

My partner Karol and I have been together for 10 years.  We have lived apart and we have lived together.  When we first decided to take the plunge and be a couple she was about to move to Pennsylvania and I was staying here in Virginia.  We knew it was going to be difficult, especially […]

How Does Your Summer Smell?

kids in the summer

There’s a certain smell to summertime. For me, it’s a smell you only get early in the day, before others awake, a mix of humid air, sunshine, dirt, and a life that smells good. The smell reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ house far away. I loved being in their home that smelled of […]

The Downside to Teens and the Mall

teens and the mall

So your teen wants to go “hang out” at the mall? It’s Friday night and your tween/teen wants to go to the mall to hang out with his or her friends. The mall seems like a safe enough place to hang out and you’ve seen lots of other kids there so it isn’t like the […]

5 Life Lessons Only Parents Can Teach Their Kids

lessons parents need to teach their kids

Summer time is filled with lots of time with kids who aren’t in school. It’s easy to have big ideas for summer plans that quickly fade into “back to school planning.” Here are five parenting opportunities I’ve learned make a difference in the life of teens and tweens, even when we feel we’re too busy […]

‘Til Death Or Maybe Longer

Til Death or Maybe Longer

I have a beautiful story to share with you, and in exchange for reading it, I hope you’ll follow the instructions at the end. This isn’t a chain letter or a legal document… but hopefully I’ll talk you into it.   My Grandma outlived my Grandpa by many, many years. ‘Until Death’ parted them… She […]

When Teens Grow Up Before Your Eyes


As a mom of teens in different developmental stages, there are wake-up calls that remind me that kids grow and change before your eyes. Boys, in particular, change overnight, without trumpet blasts that warn you. One weekend reminded me how quickly they change. It went like this. I got phone call from the Driving Teen. […]

Finding Balance in Summer Schedules


Last week I wrote about summer schedules. In determining the needs of your family and setting a summer schedule, finding balance between structured and unstructured time is important.  Kids need both kinds of activities. Here are things to consider in deciding what is best for your family. Reasons Why The Structure Of A Schedule Is […]