Failure: The Upside of Letting Your Kids Fail

failing isn't always failure

Many parents today are putting in overtime hours to make sure their teenager never experiences academic failure, but to what end? Exhausted working parents are running around Staples late at night grabbing poster board and glue stick for a forgotten project, or spending hours trying to squeeze the best possible homework out of their child. […]

Is Your Credit Karma Good or Evil?

hows your credit karma?

I received my first credit card at age 22 and it’s been downhill ever since. Somehow I thought having a credit card meant I got to pay it back whenever I so desired. Thus began my life long battle with finances. I will always curse the day that Macy’s employee handed me my first shiny […]

What I Found Under My Teenage Son’s Pillow

I’m convinced nothing really surprises me anymore having three boys, ages 17, 4 1/2 and 4 1/2 – (yep twins!).   I live in a house that reeks of testosterone.  It’s like a thick (think Pig Pen from Charlie Brown) cloud surrounding my home.  There is a lot of sweat, dirt, fistfights (just my 4 year olds against […]

What Happens After You Say “No” to Your Teenager?

what happens when you have to say no to a teenager

So, you just told your child they can’t do something. Maybe you said no to a concert, a movie date with a young driver, or a gathering with no adult supervision. What happens next? Does your child storm out of the room fuming under their breath? Sulk for an entire evening? Slam their door on […]

5 Tips for Raising Kids in The Age Of Entitlement

entitled kids

The age of entitlement’s been around for a while. As a former teacher and current counselor in public schools, I’ve observed privileged teens over the last three decades, beginning with kids raised in an American economy of plenty. Not only do modern kids receive excessive material items, they get trophies just for being on a […]

Tips for Dealing with Teenage Rebellion

Dealing with teenage rebellion

Puberty is something that almost always causes plenty of waves to go through the life of any given family. Although it may not seem like it, teenage rebellion has always been here in one form of another and it really is a natural process that one cannot completely prevent. However, responsible parents nevertheless need to […]

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Traveled With Teenagers


It’s hard to complain about anything when you’ve been able to take a few days off and escape with the family to a semi-abandoned timeshare in the land of over-landscaped golf courses.  That said there’s something very un-relaxing about spending those days ferrying around three teenagers who can’t be bothered to see where they’re going […]

When Parents Are Full of $h*t

when parents are full of crap

Yes.. Sometimes Parents ARE Full of $h*t The two oldest of our three kids will be heading to NC State in a few weeks, our oldest for his sophomore year (transferring from UNC Charlotte) and our middle child for her freshman year. Our son has already changed his major from business to a biology-chemistry double […]