5 for Friday: Camera Interference, Bar Codes, and Sittin’ on the Dock of a Bay

Go Ask Daddy: Open for business. The kids don’t ask me about the fiscal cliff, or General Petraeus, or even what the heck the BCS is going to do if four schools remain undefeated. Nothing heavy, you see. No, the questions come out of what’s in front of them. The grocery store. Storms. Sports. Long […]

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges  Today marks 7 years no longer a slave to seizures, big pharma, or major medical intervention.  Cheers to being the one in a million that got away.  Sometimes I wonder if that one admittedly miraculous narrow escape burned a lifetime of luck.  I wonder about a lot of things. Since today is a […]

Parenting Teens: Who Needs You The Most?

who goes where with teens

“Mom, are you coming to my game tomorrow night?” It’s a common question in our busy house.  Usually the tween or teen asking wants to know how he or she is getting home from an event. With four children in our family, it’s been our commitment to have at least one parent at a child’s […]

5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About Cheap Textiles, Roman Bloodsports and Crooked Letters

It’s Friday. Yes, that means Pizza Friday (for lunch and dinner, as it turns out this week), but it also means it’s time to answer the kids’ questions, great and small. You ought to see the lineup. I have a couple that have inspired posts of their own. I want to take a paragraph to […]

The Dangers of Being an Absentee Parent

the dangers of being an absentee parent

As a parent, you need to be in the moment. I like reasons.  If I understand why things are the way they are, it’s easier for me resolve things in my spirit.   I was reading a story recently where it mentioned hearts of fathers being turned towards their children. I understand this idea of father’s […]

Cool Gadgets That Let You Monitor Teen Driving

monitoring your teens driving

Do you know the driving habits of your teen? Receiving a license to drive can be an extremely liberating experience for teens, but it can also be a worrisome experience for parents of teen drivers. From smart phones and text messaging to MP3 players and instant messaging, teen drivers today are faced with a number […]

Raising Honest Kids in A Dishonest World


Teaching Honesty in Todays World My husband and I are teaching a six-week parenting series in our community on raising kids in the twenty-first century. It’s not a formula-based class that guarantees if you follow six simple steps, you’ll have great kids as a result. It’s more of an honest assessment of our own lessons […]

Wide-Eyed Elementary School Parents


Disclaimer: I love my son more than I love Reese’s peanut butter cups, vanilla ice cream, elastic-waist pants, and cats.  I do not think he will kill Harry Potter, or any other living or fictional person.  I admire his individuality and intelligence, and would take him over any honor student/soccer player/ cookie-cutter kid.  All of my […]

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