10 Things NOT to Say to a Gay Parent

things you should never say to a gay parent

What You Shouldn’t Say to a Gay Parent So I have read a few funny posts lately about “if latinos said the things white people say” and if “asians said the things white people say.” Also, things you shouldn’t say to a lesbian, or a gay dad, and I decided to add my list of […]

Finding Value In Family Relationships

family fun time

In one week, our family’s downsized. College Graduate moved to the East Coast and College Boy returned to the university. That leaves the High Schooler and Junior, the middle school boy. “Our fun little family of four” I call the rest of us. There’s a lot I like about a smaller family. We can go places […]

Unchaperoned at the Bus Stop (!)

Bus stop photo

I won’t be needing this anymore, I thought to myself with almost the same amount of wistfulness that the grandma in the Dunkin Donuts commercial had while retiring her baking pan when Dunks started making muffins. In my case, it was the 3:30 p.m. alarm I had set on my cell phone that I dismissed. […]

Playing an Instrument with Braces

playing in band with braces on

Braces and brass don’t always mix… here are some tips! Having personally experienced them for three years in my youth, and then another two as an adult, my memories are not too fond. So, is it hopeless if your child is getting braces? Absolutely not! Braces today are SOOOOO much different than 10, 15 even […]

Special Needs Parenting – Finding Your Support


Finding support essential for parents of special needs teens When your child is diagnosed with any kind of medical problem, it’s like you’ve joined a special club that you had no idea existed until you arrived. While connecting with other parents facing the same concerns as you is wonderful, it can also be sometimes challenging […]

High School – The New Frontier?

is high school the new frontier

It was silent in the car during most of the 25-minute drive to my son’s out-of-town high school for freshman orientation. He was reading a book that he was supposed to have finished during the summer, “but I don’t really have to have it done until Friday, mom. That’s the first real day of school.” […]

What #NMOS14 Means to Me and My 15 year Old Son

NMOS14 and what it means

#NMOS14 – Ferguson I have always been more of a Facebook person than a Twitter person.  I didn’t often check my Twitter feed.  But for some reason last Tuesday, 12 August, I woke up and while laying in bed talking myself into getting up to make a cup of coffee I opened my Twitter and […]

Why It’s Important To Not Baby Your Kids

raising self sufficient kids

Raising Kids Who Think on Their Own Last spring, my husband and I taught a parenting class on “Raising Kids In The 21st Century.” I took a risk by asking for input from our kids, ages twenty-two to fourteen, on what they thought we’re doing right, or wrong, in raising them. “You let us figure […]