Winter Break, Spring Break: No Break for Online Reputation

teens and online reputation during spring break

It is that time of the year again, when teens are planning their trips or what they will be doing with their time off during school break. One thing we know about teenagers: their social media won’t be taking any vacations, quite the contrary, keystrokes and uploads usually work overtime. Parents continue to have the […]

HelloFlo: Helping Daughters Take Control of Their Periods

helloflo period starter kit

HelloFlo – Making Periods Easier Did you see THE viral video of the summer? It came from HelloFlo and if you didn’t see it, before we go any further take a moment and watch it: Look – if you’re female, you get your period. Period. And if you’ve got daughters, they’re either already there or […]

Zact Mobile – The Smart Smartphone for Your Tween #Sponsored

zact mobile

Should You Get Your Tween a Smartphone for Christmas? Disclosure: We participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Zact. We received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. #MC One of the questions we hear from a lot of parents of teens and tweens is that they’re not ready to […]

Gift Ideas for Teens: WeMontage Removable Wallpaper

great gift ideas for teens

WeMontage – Your Photos on Removable Wallpaper If you haven’t checked the calendar, the holidays are right around the corner!  Over the next several weeks we’re going to bring you some great ideas that are guaranteed to make your teen or tween think you are the BEST. Parent. Ever. WeMontage lets you upload your favorite photos, […]

A World Without Heroes Video Discussion

I had a wonderful conversation with Stacey Seguin, owner of paloozaonline dot com. She is a regular reader of tentotwenty and agreed to participate in a video chat about our respective perspectives on Brandon Mull’s A World Without Heroes. Be sure and read my review of the book here, and let us know your opinion […]

A World Without Heroes – A Book Review

Published:2011 Author: Brandon Mull It’s About: Jason loves baseball and wants to be a zoologist when he grows up. Not a hero. He’s hoping that the cute girl in his class notices him. Not some evil wizard. But since life never quite turns out the way we expect, Jason finds himself in an alternate reality […]

Fablehaven, the Series – A Book Reveiw

We’re readers. Thankfully, my daughter, L,  inherited the I Love to Read gene, and can’t keep her nose out of books any better than me. While I have many opinions on the merits of reading as a family, I won’t extol them today. Suffice it to say – I am of the staunch opinion parents […]

The Help – A Book Review

Published: 2009 It’s about: Skeeter: a young white woman, recently graduated from college, who aspires to be a writer. Aibileen: an older black maid, who has spent her entire life in the service of white families. Minny: a thirty-something black woman, also a maid, but with a mind of her own that she’s oftentimes too […]

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