7 Tips For Raising Teens In A Selfie Generation

teenagers the selfie generation

There’s a phenomena that’s crept into your house that’s impacting your teen. It’s the selfie. It’s a cultural phenomena that’s defining our kids. Even the President takes selfies. So how are selfies impacting your teens? On the positive side, they’re a fun diversion that feeds the self-focused, impulsive nature of adolescents. Selfies meet the heightened […]

I Have a Beautiful Body

Self Image

Cooking dinner.  That’s when it usually happens.  I’m not sure why, but that’s when I get bombarded with the heaviest stuff.  Is it because I’m facing away?  Because I’m busy and they’re trying to lure my attention back to them?  This part will probably always be a mystery. In any case, I was cooking dinner, […]

Helping Your Socially Awkward Child

socially awkward teens

By age ten, a child’s personality blooms and peer relationships become more important. Childishness diminishes and most kids are aware of age-appropriate social cues. But not all kids catch those social cues, creating a socially awkward child in a world that’s increasingly aggressive, image-conscious and self-centered. If you’re a parent of a socially-delayed child, this […]

How Does Acne Affect Your Teen’s Self-image

teens and acne

Acne is a common skin condition which tends to affect teens, but it can also have an effect on adults. The condition is characterized by red, sore spots found mostly on the face, but they can also be found on the back, chest and neck. How does acne affect teens? We all know that the […]

Double Take: Anorexia


Katie: Anorexia nervosa whittled me down to 90 pounds when I was 15, putting my body mass index in the first percentile of girls my age. I’m not proud of that, but I am proud to write that after regaining the weight I lost, I have achieved happiness and healthiness. I’m sharing my recovery story […]

Double Take: What If A Teacher is the Bully?


Dear Dr. Wes & Katie: What do you do when a teacher is the bully?  Last semester one of my daughter’s teachers repeatedly yelled at her in front of the class for asking questions, requesting help using classroom equipment, asking to go to the bathroom, etc.  I downplayed how severe this was until I met with the […]

The Effect of Celebrity Culture on our Children

mixed messages to teens

The Negative Effects of Celebrity Culture Fame is the main reason that drives celebrity culture and is associated with status, wealth and a perception of the ‘perfect’ body. Unfortunately, the most dramatic effect celebrity culture has on our children is their relentless desires for popularity and to live exactly like their celebrity idol. Many children […]

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine

Open Letter to Hot Rod Magazine  20-May-2012 Dear Hot Rod Magazine, I was reading my June issue of Hot Rod over the weekend, and the more pages I turned, the more I got this creeping feeling that something was amiss.  Lots of good stuff in there, like always.  But the content wasn’t the problem.  Page […]