College Acceptance – Mom In Denial

when your child gets accepted to college

I knew this was coming  We’ve been preparing for it for nearly 4 years.  So why on the day that envelope arrived in the mail I felt as if someone was sucking all the air out of the room?  As he opened the letter I keep telling myself “it’s only College“.  Then my mom in […]

Raising A Rock Star – The Creative Teen

Sergio's First Guitar

My son is the type of person who would NEVER call himself a rock star.  He is and will be a musician. To say that I am proud of my son would be like saying I love staying home with my cats.  It’s an obvious understatement.  My son has not always been the easiest child […]

How To Organize Your Teen’s Room – Part 1

As If! I could find anything here...

So Your Teen’s Bedroom is a Mess Do you have a teenager, and her room is driving you crazy? Maybe the bathroom is even worse: it smells like gym socks or is covered in make-up and hair bands. The days of the perfectly made bed seem far away, and you have lowered the bar way […]

Advice For New Teen Parents

title (2)

So You’re The Parent of a Teen As I sit at the table looking at my son, my heart squeezes. I remember a time when I was his whole world and how he clung to my leg when he was unsure of the outside world. I remember him begging me to take him with me […]

5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

teaching tweens about money

Being a parent is hard work at the best of times, and even more so when it comes to money. My daughter took her first twenty off me at the ripe old age of 6 months and it only ever gets more expensive. I think it’s very important to teach kids about dealing with money […]

Three Popular Parenting Styles Used With Teenagers

which style of parenting your teen is best

What’s the Best Way to Parent Teens? Teenagers are a handful when it comes to parenting. If you have a teenager, then no one needs to tell you this. You can’t really undergo a trial and error process when it comes to parenting styles, because this can show weakness on your part and some teenagers […]

8 Ways Teens Can Connect With Older Generations

teens and grandparents

We stood on the porch huddled together in the dark. A soft glow from the open door fell on the faces of both young and old who were standing together singing songs. It was an annual outing of junior high and high school kids singing Christmas carols for the elderly in the neighborhood. As a […]

The Most Common Teenage Problems

the problem with teenagers

It is important for parents to take the time to educate themselves about the challenges that they will likely face when they are raising their children. If they know what is going to happen, they  should be ready for it and  always  be ready  to solve the issues.  It is important to note that although […]

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