Cool Gadgets That Let You Monitor Teen Driving

Cool Gadgets That Let You Monitor Teen Driving

Do you know the driving habits of your teen?

Receiving a license to drive can be an extremely liberating experience for teens, but it can also be a worrisome experience for parents of teen drivers. From smart monitoring your teens drivingphones and text messaging to MP3 players and instant messaging, teen drivers today are faced with a number of possible hazards behind the wheel. If you’re a concerned parent of a teen driver, here are some cool gadgets and technology that will allow you to monitor your teen’s driving habits:

The Protector by Taser – Although Taser is known for its non-lethal stun guns, the company also produces a teen driving monitor know as The Protector. The Protector locks smartphone use once the ignition is turned in a vehicle, but it can also allow calls to 911 and numbers selected by parents.

Speedbump – Speedbump is an app for Android smart phones that allows parents to monitor their teen driver’s speed. Essentially, the app sends a notification to parents if a preset speed limit is exceeded. According to NC traffic ticket attorneys, Power McCartans, teens are at more risk than older counterparts to get into motor vehicle crashes because they are more likely to speed, therefore monitoring their speeding habits can help address and correct this unsafe driving behavior

DriverCam – Aggressive driving is known to cause accidents, and as a result, DriverCam has created an in-vehicle monitoring system that automatically records up to 20 seconds of video if a teen driver makes aggressive maneuvers. This video is then automatically posted on DriverCam’s website for parents to view. – is a website and application that other people can use while on the roadways to alert parents of bad driving. The system works by affixing a bumper sticker to your teen’s vehicle that alerts other drivers that they can text in the license plate of the vehicle if dangerous driving is witnessed.

SecuraFone by SecuraTrac – SecuraFone is another app that can be installed on a variety of smart phones to lock functionality while a teen is driving. This means no text messaging or dialing unless an emergency occurs. The company states that SecuraFone will disengage after a vehicle has stopped for more than 30 seconds.

Snapshot by Progressive – Progressive, best known for its auto insurance, has recently begun offering customers the ability to monitor driving habits as well as lower insurance premiums. Through Progressive’s Snapshot program, customers can install a small on-board monitoring device in a vehicle, and this device then captures information related to speed, braking time, acceleration and more. Essentially, if a driver practices good driving habits, their insurance rates with Progressive will decrease.

ACE Teen Program by AAA – AAA has also introduced its own teen driving safety gadget that plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. AAA’s device monitors braking, accelerating and more, but it only offers that information to parents through the use of secure servers.

If you are the parent of a teen driver, it’s important to do everything you can to protect your teen when they’re on the road. While gadgets can be helpful in monitoring teen driving habits, the best defense is to teach your teen how to use caution on the roadways. By taking the time now to help your teen learn, you and your family can avoid potentially fatal consequences later.

What about you? How do you monitor the driving habits of your teen? Please share in the comment box


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