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Eagle Scouts run in my family. It must be in our blood: a genetic predisposition to years of merit badge earning, camp outs, 50-mile hikes, singing silly songs (although that may have started and stopped with my dad), uniforms, patrol leaders, and stating the Scout Oath in your sleep. I always wanted to be a boy scout, but my dad said I could only be an honorary one. Something about needing to be a boy.But this post isn’t about my history with the Boy Scouts of America; it’s about the third generation of Lindsay boys earning this most prestigious honor and recognition.

The Boy Scouts of America program (when administered correctly) establishes a foundation for these young men on which they will build for the rest of their lives. When you hear or think “Eagle Scout,” remember the honor is synonymous with learning, service, moral strength, good citizens, youth leadership and character building.

My dad was the first ever Eagle Scout in his hometown. All five of my brothers earned their Eagle, and my third nephew, Spencer, needs help from all of us to make his Eagle a reality. I realize this is short notice – that’s why I’m soliciting your help! I could go into all the details of why his original project can no longer be completed, but that’s another story and none of those reasons were due to Spencer’s lack of preparation. Sometimes grownups and politics get in the way of greatness. ‘Nuff said on that.

The Project

You’ve heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? Well, Price Park in Greensboro, NC, has a beautiful walking trail with a 400-yard section completely overgrown with small pine trees. This portion of the path is a mess. Park rangers have already agreed to cut down the trees during the week, and Spencer’s vision is to form a human chain of 200 community volunteers and remove the wood to a waiting wood chipper at the end of the assembly line. The trail is too narrow for a vehicle to fit, and this is why the removal has to be done manually.

This is a simple project, but to be successful requires people power.


  • 200 volunteers
  • work gloves
  • food to feed the masses
  • water for the workers
  • your time
  • financial donations

When: Saturday, April 14, 2012

When: 7:30am to 11:30am

Where: Price Park Trail at Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, Greensboro, NC

Who: Adults, teens, service clubs, individuals who want to be part of an inspiring community project

Why: Because volunteering makes you live longer


There are plenty of ways you can help, even if you can’t physically be with us on the 14th.

  1. Spread the word and tell your friends
  2. Shout it from your social media platforms
  3. Donate money
  4. Provide referrals to businesses potentially willing to help with food and water


Click here for the Facebook event page – PLEASE let us know you’re coming so we know we have the volunteer base necessary.

Email Spencer directly at priceparkeagleproject at gmail dot com

Use the comments section below for any additional questions.

If you live in or near Greensboro, NC, and are willing to help, thank you. If you’re one of our many readers outside of the Greensboro market, is there a boy scout in your neighborhood needing your help or a different volunteer opportunity for you and your family? Let’s set aside the morning of 14th to give back to our communities, wherever we may live.

Thank you for your help. Together we can pull together as a community, support an outstanding young man in his efforts to not only clean up a trail, but to achieve an honor for which he’s been working since the age of eight.

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