Easy Ways to Organize Your Child’s Room

Easy Ways to Organize Your Child’s Room

Organizing Your Child’s Room With Ease and Style

Does your child’s room look more like a war zone than a relaxing bedroom? Messy rooms are a typical part of the teen or tweentips-to-organize-teens-room.pnglifestyle, but besides getting on parents’ nerves, messes can cause bigger organizational and hygienic issues that can affect everyday lives. To help keep your child’s room as clean and organized as possible, try the following tips:

Seasonally switch out clothing.

There’s no need for bulky winter coats to take up precious closet space when it’s ninety degrees outside, and the same goes for hanging up sundresses in the dead of winter. To free up space and keep your child’s closet more organized, store out-of-season clothes in trash bags or bins until they are needed.

Utilize under bed storage.

Keeping items underneath the bed is an amazingly effective way to create space in a bedroom. Under bed boxes and bins can hold large amounts of items that your child probably doesn’t use every single day and won’t need to grab at a moment’s notice, from old school papers to out-of-season outfits. If the bed is too low to the ground, invest in affordable bed risers to lift it a few inches off the ground.


Create more space.

You can have drawers and storage bins covering every inch of the floor, but if you have bare walls then you’re wasting valuable storage space.  Attaching hooks or shelves into the wall can create huge amounts of space that can be used to hang bulky coats and sweatshirts that don’t fit in closets or to display items like trophies, figurines and picture frames.

 Keep hampers within reach.

For many kids and teens, there’s nothing more difficult than getting dirty clothes into the hamper. More often than not, dirty shirts and pants end up draped over chairs or thrown onto the floor. To make chores for kids seem easier and to increase the chances of clothes making it into the laundry basket, keep hampers somewhere visible and easily accessible instead of under the bed or in the back of the closet. For a more aesthetically pleasing bin, use a small kitchen trash can.

 Consolidate smaller accessories.

If you have girls, you’re probably used to finding hair ties, ribbons, bobby pins and barrettes on every surface of your house. To keep these small hair accessories in order, use small bags to organize hair clips and ribbons. Your daughter will have an easier time getting ready in the morning when she knows exactly where everything is, and you won’t need to frequent the hair accessories aisle quite so often.

 Put papers in their place.

Does your child have a problem keeping track of homework and other school assignments? Get his or her study area organized by hanging up bulletin boards or magazine racks. Having a paper-holding system in place will help eliminate stacks of papers from piling up on the desk and can make homework assignments and permission forms easy to grab in the mornings.

An organized room doesn’t require a lot of time, money or effort. Simply use space to its full advantage to help your child find a place for everything and keep rooms looking as good as new.


Author Bio: This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Hefty®. For more bedroom and clothing storage ideas, visit hefty.com. 

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