Glynis Ratcliffe

I am a wife and mother currently on a steep learning curve, having gone from a mom of one full-time kid, to a mom of three full-time kids, in just a few short months. I have a wonderful teenage step-daughter who came to live with us in September 2014 to go to high school in Toronto. I have a 3 year old spitfire daughter who is too smart for all of us, and is constantly challenging me. I have a sweet baby boy who is all smiles and giggles, but is a bit of an asshole on the boob.

I am a singer. Yup, I have two degrees in music, have trained in and performed numerous operas. My other nickname has been operagirl for a long time. I still sing, but mostly as a paid soloist and section lead in several choirs. I also teach singing.

I am a writer. It feels kind of funny to say that, even though I’ve been writing for myself for decades. But I began writing as a freelancer for a content marketing agency last fall, and I now contribute to The Huffington Post Canada, so now I can say I’m a writer and mean it.

I am a creative, complicated person. I have good days and bad days. I am in therapy. I am trying to figure out motherhood, which is actually a really freaking hard thing to do. I walked in with a bunch of preconceptions and notions of how things would go, and I’ve been getting my ass handed to me, by my kids, ever since. And I love it. Because it makes me laugh.


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