2012-May-09 Inferno
2012-May-09 Inferno

Inferno  09-May-2012

I had to think about it before actually typing it, but I’m certain that I have remained 100% silent regarding Proposition 8, even though I live in NC, and I did take the time to understand what it was and what it meant.  I watched everyone else talk about it though, on facebook, in the news, etc.  I watched quietly.

Ever watched a forest fire?  I mean, nobody ever actually stands there and watches a forest fire, but we all watch them on the news.  There’s a certain size of fire that you simply can’t put out as one person, and to some extent, even all the firemen in the world can’t put out some fires.  All they can do is stay nearby and try to contain it, and save as many people from it as possible.  That’s how I feel when I watch the news, when I read the paper, and while I watched the Proposition 8 saga unfold over the past couple of weeks.  I’m watching humanity burn, and it’s such a big fire, there’s nothing I can do.  I’m lucky to keep my kids safe from it.  Eventually they’ll be out there on their own in it without my thick leather carcass to shield them from the heat.

Laws and legislation and government don’t fix that problem.  As a Single Parent, I have all the rights and privileges that every other parent on the planet has.  Legally speaking.  Yet, even if I had the money to sue every person that violates my rights, I wouldn’t have the time or the energy.  Having those legal rights, for the most part, only means that you can punish people when they violate them.  The law does nothing to change the bias in the hearts of the people the laws are put in place to punish.  If anything, a law telling them they have to play nice with those they hate may actually fuel the fire.  It’s already an inferno.  And I’ve fought the fight.  What I have learned from that is, for every person I have dragged into a court room and defeated with my rights, there are 10,000 waiting outside the court house that I’ll never have time to defeat.  The law and the courts and the government do want to help.  But they can’t.  It’s the sad truth.

But this story isn’t about Single Parents or Proposition 8 or any other law or pressing political issue.  Those are just examples.  As long as people want to kill each other, guns will exist.  As long as people want to use illegal drugs, they will exist.  All fires we can’t put out no matter how many tax dollars or police officers we douse them with.  Just like the forest fire, our rescue workers really just save as many people from those fires as they can.  Nobody is putting those fires out.  And nobody is putting those fires out because they burn in the hearts of humanity.

It sounds so simple, right?  Just stop that.  All of it.  Stop killing.  Stop discriminating.  Stop stop stop.  It would seem to be every bit as effective as telling the inferno to stop.  It can’t hear you.  But your breath does fan the flames.  That’s what I’ve felt like watching politics this past week or so.  I’m watching humanity burn and even those who are truly trying to stop the fire seem to be inadvertently fanning the flames.  It’s just how I see it.  I don’t have a better idea.  I just stood there and watched.  That didn’t help either.

Don’t get me wrong, I know quite a few stellar human beings.  Humanity isn’t completely doomed just yet.  The odds don’t seem to be in our favor though.  It’s a big fire, and at some point, you have to leave the sidelines and pick your path even if you know it means being incinerated.  I’ve been watching carefully and closely for a long time, hoping to find that path that’s just right to guide my kids through.  No luck just yet…

Cheers from The Sidelines

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