Submitting Guest Posts

Do You Write About Teens, Tweens or Mid-life?

You’ve got stories to share about raising teens and tweens and we want to share them – we’d love to have you writing for our readers!

Here are a few guidelines for writing for Ten to Twenty!


Your title should be less than 75 characters and quickly summarize your post. Make it catchy yet relevant.


As you are probably aware, our readers are people involved with the raising of children between the ages of 10 – 20 (catchy, huh?).  You are writing for them, not necessarily the teenagers.  While the majority of the topics are about parenting, we love to see article about the adults, too.

Topics to consider are:

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Technology
  3. Social Media
  4. College Prep
  5. Fashion/Make-up
  6. Bullying
  7. Sexuality
  8. Relationships
  9. School work/college
  10. Friendships
  11. Parenting (traditional and non-traditional families)
  12. Drugs and alcohol (prevention and awareness)
  13. Family life
  14. Being part of a sandwich generation (caring for kids and elder parents)
  15. Health and fitness
  16. Topics ABOUT parents.. health, fashion, fitness, etc.

Guest Posts –v- Contributing Author:

What’s the difference? Guest posts tend to be one-time contributions or infrequent contributions. Contributing authors write on a frequent basis, have an author bio page on our site, and can post directly through the site. In order to be considered to be a contributing author, you should commit to two posts in a month.


  1. Posts should be casually written but with intent. We understand there is always a personal element to a story, but we ask that it’s only part of the bigger picture and leads to a lesson learned or guidance and/or advice.  They should also not be location specific as our audience is national. Major events and conferences are the exception to that.
  2. Posts should be at least 300 but no more than 1,000 words. If you really have a lot to write, consider making it 2 posts!
  3. Please include a picture that you are authorized to use.  
  4. Please include your contact information, your web address, a brief bio and ideally a photo as well as how you would like your byline to be written (i.e. just your name, your name and your website, etc.).
  5. Please make sure that you have edited your post for grammatical errors before you send it to us.
  6. We prefer content that has not been published before but if you have an amazing story or article that has been used before, contact us so we can discuss it.
  7. Please note, links in the post are not allowed unless the post is from an established contributor. If you are a company or brand who would like to send an article, sponsored post or advertorial, please contact us for rates. (Please note that if there are links in paid advertorials, they must be “nofollowlinks.)

Please note, we reserve the right to edit your image, title and content however, we will do our best to keep the article in its original content.  We will contact you within 5 business days to let you know if we are going to use your article and if so, when it will run.

To submit an article, please email everything to us at! Once we’ve received it and reviewed it, we’ll let you know when it’s going to run. We encourage you to promote it on your social media sites as well!


Thank you!