Time for Braces? Let’s Check Out Invisalign!

Can Teens and Tweens Use Invisalign?

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The teen and tween years bring many rites of passage. First day of middle school, first “real” boy/girlfriend, drivers permit and the true badge of teen yearsInvisalign-for-teens – braces. Whether you’ve heard your dentist say it for a few years or whether it’s the first time you’re hearing it, most kids will be sent to an Orthodontist before they even hit middle school for at least an evaluation.

I am a child of the 80s and somehow never had to have braces but I will never forget being in middle school and my friends with their hall passes so that they could go and brush their teeth after lunch. Then a few years later, the woes of  “OMG!! I can’t find my retainer!! My parents are totally going to kill me, fer sure!!!” (hey.. I told you.. 80s child here… )

When our girls got to the stage where they needed braces, I wanted to evaluate all of our options from traditional metal braces, invisible braces and of course, Invisalign. At first I couldn’t believe that our Orthodontist would recommend Invisalign for teens and tweens, but the more we talked, the more it made sense.

Some of the concerns  about braces and Invisalign that I had are the same “myths” that many parents have such as:

  • Myth: I don’t need to take my child to see an orthodontist until they are a teenager. Setting it Straight: The American Association of Orthodontics recommends taking children for their first orthodontic check-up no later than age 7.  The American Dental Association says this is because, “Your child’s dentist can spot problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth early on, while the primary teeth are present.”
  • Myth: Invisalign is more expensive than metal braces. Setting it Straight: The cost of Invisalign is usually comparable to the cost of traditional braces and many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would braces.
  • Myth: If my child loses their aligners, it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to replace. Setting it Straight: We know kids lose things, even their aligners! That’s why you get up to six FREE replacement aligners with Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign Teen clear aligners are removable and can straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the disruption and sacrifice that comes with it. With Invisalign, teens look better and feel more confident than they ever could in traditional braces. Still not sure? Take the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you or your child.

invisalign-giveawayThey are so convinced that Invisalign Teen is perfect for your family that they are giving away a full treatment to one lucky family! You’ve got several ways to enter to win, so get started right here:

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In closing, Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth without traditional wires and brackets giving teens the confidence to live life to the fullest while improving their smile. You can visit the Invisalign website for more information as well as check them out on their social media sites listed below!

Invisalign Website
Invisalign on Twitter
Invisalign on Facebook


Have you or your teens tried Invisalign? Was it a better experience for you than traditional braces? We’d love to hear your thoughts!





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