Is Your Teen Ready to Babysit?

5 Important Points About Infant Play Gyms

As a teen begins to explore the possibility of employment, many parents encourage them to try babysitting. It is a great way for them to test

is your teen ready for babysitting

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their responsibility, earn some money, and prepare themselves to enter into the workforce. Babysitting comes with many responsibilities, especially when infants are concerned. Teaching your teen how to care for small babies will allow them to meet the challenges of their new job with success.

Infants are usually very easy to care for because they have limited abilities. They do not crawl around yet; they sleep more than older babies, and in most cases it is easy to decide what they want when they cry. However, these infants are curious about everything, even if they cannot physically express their want. Play mats and baby play gyms are great tools to use with babies of this age because they offer them simple entertainment. Of course, as with any toy for a young child, there are safety concerns that your teen should know about to make sure play time remains safe.

1. Position  Infants under 3 months old will do better to play on their stomachs, especially after they have eaten. Small babies can spit up at any time as their systems are still becoming adjusted to eating and it is always safer to keep them on their tummies so any spit-up can drain out.
2. Debris  Check the play mat for loose toys or small debris. Babies are considerably strong for their size, and it is not unusual for some of the attached toys to become loose. Make sure none of the toys or decorations can come off before you put the baby on the mat. Small, loose items present a choking hazard.
3. Stability  Place mats on the floor. Gym mats should never be placed on furniture or anywhere that a baby can roll off and get hurt. Make sure that the area in which you place the mat is clean and there are no dangers nearby such as stairs or furniture. It is also important that the mat or gym is laid out completely flat. If the space is not large enough to lay flat, move it to another area.
4. Clutter  Keep mat clear of other blankets or clothing. These mats and infant gyms are designed to be spacious and free of clutter to make sure that the baby can be entertained without suffocation hazards.
5. Attention! It is a toy, not a baby watcher. The mat should be viewed as a tool to help, not replace, the babysitter. Do not leave the baby in the play gym or on the mat and walk away to do other things. These are safe tools, but they still require supervision. Babies cannot call out if there is a problem; you need to stay with the baby when they are on the mat.

With this knowledge at hand, a little bit of encouragement, and your phone number programmed into their cell in case of emergencies, your teen should be able to start babysitting without any problems.



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