Is Your Tween Girl Ready For Going Back To School?

Is Your Tween Girl Ready For Going Back To School?

Back To School Prep for Your Tween

It’s that time of Summer again; time to realize that the summer is almost over and your kids need your help in getting ready for going back to school. Unfair isn’t it? For those of you who may need to get your thoughts together for this all-too-soon process, here’s a unique set of tasks that might not be on your usual to-do list to get your tween girl into the routine of back-to-school! tween girls going back to school

1) Doctor’s Visit – Your girl goes to the doctor for an annual physical. Perhaps she also makes a regular visit just before camp begins? But, if you did not have that pre-camp check-in, she may need a checkup before school starts. Think about whether she will be playing any sports that might require an updated physical. Perhaps she is going to a new school this year? Does she need any updates to her immunizations?

2) Night-time Routine – Is your daughter an early riser in the morning? Many are not! If she became used to a later morning start-time in the mornings during the summer, you may want to think about starting her bedtime a bit earlier now so that she’s ready for her soon-to-be “new reality!”. You might also consider a special new nighttime skin care routine now that she’s entering a new grade. Yep, she’s a tween, and things are changing.

3) What’s For Lunch? – Is it time to negotiate a new lunch-making arrangement with your daughter? She may be old enough to make her own lunches each day (what a relief that would be!). You could consider adding a small amount to her allowance, or create another fun reward for her if you turn over this daily task to her. This will teach her some added responsibility and make YOUR life easier!

4) Fall Wardrobe Update – Can’t forget some shopping! There are a number of options out there – take a trip to the mall and visit stores like Justice and Old Navy, shop locally, or even give her the chance to create her own Fall outfit at an online store like FPgirl.

5) Survival Tips! – There are some great survival tips out there for tweens who may be transitioning into middle school/junior high. Shannan Younger from Tween US offers some great tips here and here are 10 tips on “Moving Up to Middle School” from Or, you could check out some advice from a tween girl herself –
here are some special tips on how to survive middle school, by one of the girls at FPgirl, “Isabelle”.

Here’s to a great new school year for everyone! Take a deep breath.


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Stephanie Elliot, in no particular order, is a wife, writer, blogger, book reviewer, editor and mother to three kids, two who have already been tweens, and one who is right smack in the middle of his tween-ness. Her oldest son is almost driving and her daughter survived her tween years so Stephanie must be doing something right. Find out more at

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