Keeping Your Teen Focused at a Big City College

Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans… Staying Focused In a Big City School

It’s normal to be nervous or even scared while watching your teenager drive off to college, especially if he or she will be attending school in a major city. As fun as big cities like Chicago, Atlanta or New Orleans can be, they also come with many distractions that can be troublesome or even dangerous, such as an increased level of hard partying, drug use and crime. To ensure success, both you and your teen need a plan. A life coach can help your teen focus, ahead of time, on some of the most important aspects of a healthy, productive college experience.going to school in a big city

1. Let Go More

College is a transition away from childhood, and it’s important that teenagers have the time and space to make their own decisions so that they can become the people they were meant to be. Therefore, with coaching, your child can be encouraged to limit talk time and take more responsibility on their own. Instead of every day, a weekly call is more than reasonable.

2. Help Create a List of Goals

While your teen is still preparing for the move, a coach can help him or her write out a list of goals. If they need some ideas, perhaps setting a grade-point average to keep up, a sleep schedule to follow, a certain day of the week to commit to catching up with family and friends back home, and days for socializing or sightseeing around the city can be planned.

3. Encourage Healthy Friendships

Helping your teen maintain positive relationships with others is hopefully something you have been doing for some time, and it doesn’t stop once your teen goes away to college. You won’t have a strong say in who your child chooses to spend time with after they move away, but you can have an influence. Whether you choose Atlanta or Chicago area life coaches, they can guide your young college students to practice positive connections – particularly where friend choices are concerned. You can help the reinforcement by being receptive when your teen mentions a new friend to you, and if possible, even consider inviting one of them along the next time your child comes home for a visit.

4. Cultivation of Good Habits

The first few weeks of college are quite shocking for most teenagers. The study habits that were used during high school probably won’t cut it on a big-city campus, so your teen may need to make some changes if he or she wants to succeed. Along with time management, a life coach can help them cultivate healthy habits when it comes to taking care of their body. The stress of college life can weaken the immune system and lead to frequent colds, and you’ll appreciate the help coaching can give your teen about maintaining a healthy diet, sleep schedule and exercise program.

As a parent, you can only do so much to help guide your teenager, especially from far away. Watching your child grow up is never easy, but with a little moral support and a lot of letting go, you can rest assured that he or she will find success. If you feel like they might need some extra help staying focused, consider hiring a life coach in their college area. A qualified coach can help teens budget their time, set priorities, learn about themselves and figure out how to overcome obstacles.


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