Kimberly Muench

kimberly-muenchKimberly Muench is a freelance writer who published her autobiography My Mothers Footprints: A Story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience and Grace in 2011. She is a regular contributor to Suburban Parent Magazine in Dallas/Fort Worth, crafts a newspaper column entitled Something to Muench on, and has been published through a number of parenting websites including Mamapedia, University of Moms, and A Fine Parent.

Kimberly is passionate about educating, supporting and encouraging parents of 10 to 20’s about alcohol/drug use and addiction.  In addition, Kimberly writes weekly on her own website about faith, family, marriage and personal growth. A wife and mother to five children, she hails from Wisconsin, but now makes her home in Texas.

You can see more of her articles on her site and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook!

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