Lazy Days of Summer – What’s THAT?!

Does anyone else think the phrase ‘lazy days of summer” is an oxymoron???lazy days of summer

That’s how the Facebook exchange began. Started by my friend Melanie. Here’s the ensuing conversation (the other names have changed to protect the innocent):

Susan: that phrase was obviously coined by a man who did not have to haul kids to every practice/friend/whatever possible – and usually in opposite directions at the same time 🙂

Bill: I am certain the phrase was coined by some turn of the 20th century man of leisure. You know, the kind who worked old fashioned banker’s hours and maybe even hired domestic help.

Karen: It ranks right up there with “stay at home” mom. I never seem to actually be at home.

Nancy: agreed!

Kathy: couldn’t be truer at our house!

Me: Can I borrow this as inspiration for a blog post? (I’m totally serious.)

Melanie: Sure! You could interview me if I only had time 🙂 jk

Summertime should be time for relaxing (or chill-laxing as my kids used to say). Time for catching up on all the fun things we can’t do during the school year. Time to do all the cool things going on around town. Time for connecting with friends and family that we don’t get to see enough when we’re hibernating from a cold and snowy winter.

Time for…time?

We all know the obvious: what we need is not more time, we just need to use it better so that it doesn’t use us. We need to make “time” a priority. The more we take control to manage the ebb and flow of our time, the more choices we will have about how to spend it. And, chances are, we would spend that time a bit differently than how we’re doing it now.

Obviously, we need some intervention here. I talked with another friend, Julie, a Certified Professional Organizer, about this—she couldn’t agree more. She thinks we all need a FUN day every single week, and she has some ideas about how to get there.

I am trying to do it, I really am. For example, instead of sitting in my office right now, I’m on the chaise lounge/ on my patio/ with my laptop. That’s more fun, isn’t it? But, somehow I don’t think that’s what the CPO meant.

Okay, how about if I just try her first step—building in fun a few hours at a time? Here are some other ideas on my list for lazy-ish summer fun:

– build a campfire in the backyard, have a wienie-roast and make  s’mores

– teach my kids how to play all those nighttime-summertime games I used to play when I was young. Then play with them.

– read a classic book –everyone– and enjoy the silence of not hearing the television…ahhhh!

– take the kids to the pool and actually get in the water with them

– take everyone to the $1 Tuesday matinée

Importantly, I am writing these in to my day planner (one of my favorite things to do!). Julie even suggests putting a star next to these special times so that they take on a status of urgency and importance…which means you’re more likely to make them happen.

We still have a few weeks left of summer, whether you’re still on vacation or not. Is there plenty of time to learn about how to be lazier and how to make and take more time for fun? Just in time to go back to school!

I say, yes!
Sarah Nicoli is owner of Dotmine Day Planners,, a company she started in 1999 to help her juggle the chaos of raising her 3 kids– all of whom are now 10-to-20. They’re all trying desperately to lazy for just a few more days!






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