Leslie Blanchard

Leslie Blanchard

LESLIE-BLANCHARDI am a wife of 1 and mother of 5, who writes a blog called, “A Ginger Snapped – Facing The Music of Marriage And Motherhood.”   After I received my Journalism degree, I became the “Wind Beneath My Husband’s Wings,” and didn’t write anything for 27 years, except my family’s Christmas Letter.  All that changed, when they invented the iPad with a waterproof cover.  Now, I lay in the bathtub all day, neglecting my other responsibilities, and write about life outside of the tub. My essays are titled after songs because, as my hubby and I puzzle through a marriage or child-rearing problem, we sing the song that particular issue reminds us of (with a pertinent lyric change here or there…)

To validate me and find out why the Ginger Snapped today:


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