Marie Rossiter

marie rossiterWhen it comes to my life and my writing, my ultimate goal is: keep it real.

My name is Marie. I live in the Cincinnati, OH area with my husband, Jon and our two daughters. I earned a Masters of Education in Literacy from Bowling Green State University a long time ago.

I jumped into my writing career more than ten years ago after life led me out of my high school teaching job and into a regular newspaper column so I could stay home with a sick child. Truly a blessing in disguise.

Over the years, I moved from column writing and web copywriting to full time feature writing and blogging. My writing connects me with so many incredible people and opportunities.

With two girls in the Ten to Twenty bracket, I see no reason to BS or coddle them. The next few years will throw some harsh reality at them. I want to prepare them to deal with everything life has to offer: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Many times it seems I’m feeling around in the dark, wondering how I’m going to survive the insanity. Still, I know I’m not alone. I often write about how I learn from my mistakes and how I sometimes stumble on success, in spite of it all.

I adore Walt Disney World. I contribute to a number of sites where I share the latest news, as well my vast travel experience and offer tips for those looking to plan an incredible trip.

You can find me on my blog, Mom Gets Real, as well as MousePlanet and WDWFanZone. You can also connect with me on Twitter: @MomGetsReal

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