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tiffany haywoodFirst thing is the ‘Tee’ in Mrs Tee stands for Tiffany. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband or as you will learn I call him most often my ‘Hubby’ for  10 years now.  We have 6 children in what we call ‘TeamHaywood’. Their ages range from 21 down to 4.  Specifically 21, 18, 16, 8, 6 and 4.

Yes I know I had have a bit of an extra-large gap in there and no I don’t know what I was thinking…LOL.  I’m proud to say I am Momma to all even though we are a what I guess is a called a ‘blended’ family yet as far as love goes we are all one big happy ‘Team’.  I refer to the younger ones as my Kiddies(3 Girlies and 1 Buddie) and the older more hmm let’s say moody members of the Team simply as the Teenagers (3 Boys).

In a past life oh so long ago…ok well it’s only been about 7 years now but it seems like forever.  I worked in corporate America as an Administrative Assistant in fields varying from a Paralegal Assistant to a Loan Officer. Yet, when my Hubby re-enlisted and I had my oldest daughter I became a Stay At Home Mom.  A name which gives no credit to the job skills it actually requires by the way.  We decided that we didn’t want her in the hands of different babysitters and daycare centers when we weren’t even sure where or how long we would be living in any one place.  Not sure if there are any Army Wives reading this but it can be a crazy life at times.

It turns out our decision was a good one.  We ended up being stationed in Hawaii.  I made the first move there (including the 3 plane 15 1/2 flight) while being 7 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter.  Talk about a tough flight. Whew!  We lived on base there for a year and I gave birth to my daughter at the Army Hospital.  So technically, I have a ‘local’ for a daughter.  Pretty cool huh? My Hubby was then deployed and with 2 toddlers now and a pre-teen son, I moved back Stateside and stayed in North Carolina throughout the deployment.  Once he returned, back to our Aloha home we went with me preggers again and flying this time at about 8 months pregnant. I know I’m a glutton for punishment.  I had my Baby Buddie there and he is also now our little ‘local’ child.  We have since moved back Stateside and are now living the Southern dream in North Carolina.

So, through a deployment and moving back and forth from Hawaii twice both times while being pregnant I can say we’ve been through a lot.  Yet we always stick it through as a Team.

In every situation and scenario Love Life and Laughter gets me through…the Love of my God my Hubby and my Kiddies plus the Life we are so Blessed with and the Laughter they always bring me.  So, here I am: Follower, Wife, Momma, Woman and Friend giving you a glimpse of MY everyday journey.  I hope you enjoy the view…we always do!

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