Oh Christmas TeePee

Oh Christmas TeePee

Oh Christmas TeePee 

If all goes as planned, as of course it always does here, this year I’m going to write a little ditty about each of our Holiday jaunts and favorite places to visit here in the Triad!  The first is right in our own back yard.

(This is going to zigzag a lot.  Buckle your seatbelt.)

We have a very wise old dog here.  His name is Willie Wonka.  He’s a beagle mix mutt, approaching 90 doggy years old.  Still a puppy at heart.  I try to learn from his wisdom!  He’s not much on sweets, but he’ll do anything for a salty snack.  He loves table scraps.  He’s a Good Boy, and he knows that he’ll get evicted from the kitchen if he gets under foot, so he keeps his distance and waits patiently for a morsel or two to come his way.  He’s grateful for his regular dry dog food, and he appreciates the tasty morsels that life affords him now and then.  Willie is a rich dog, because he measures his wealth in morsels shared with family.

Christmas TeePee
Christmas TeePee

Several years ago, 2009ish as I recall, I looked out my back door to see Miss Katie, our neighbor next door, working feverishly to pull a tree off her newly planted garden.  A spring storm had blown down a sizeable tree, and it fell squarely across her new rows of veggies, crushing her bean poles, and really just essentially being a real jerk about all of her hard work.  I clocked out for a few minutes to go over with the chainsaw and cut the tree into big logs that I then tossed over my fence, with the intention of cutting them up later for firewood.  Katie was able to manage the remaining brush.  When the kids got home and saw the logs, they decided we needed to build something with them, and a TeePee was born!  It stood in our back yard for years, until another tree fell on it and required us to rebuild in a new location-  in steps TeePee 2.0.  The point of this particular zigzag?  The TeePee has a good story behind it!

At some point afterwards, I decorated the TeePee like a Christmas Tree to surprise the kids.  I used an old plain white Christmas tree that someone had given me for the ‘heart’, and I had several old strings of lights lying around.  The cheap dime store star on top is also recycled from one of many post-divorce lean years, before we had a nice angel for our tree. I did spend about $10 on some post-Christmas clearance sale lights another year.  All total, we easily have less than $20 in the Christmas TeePee.  A tasty morsel that life handed us, if you will.  All we had to do was accept it and enjoy it.

With the exception of last year, when I’m embarrassed to say that I slipped a bit on our Holiday jaunts, we have enjoyed lighting the TeePee as a starter pistol of sorts for our Holiday doings.  The kids are old enough now to not only help, but honestly do most of the work decorating it, and even old Willie Wonka enjoys us out and about in the yard this late in the year.

Let’s face it, folks, most of life is dry dogfood.  Morsels don’t have to be expensive.  They’re everywhere.  We enjoy that $20 TeePee as much as Willie enjoys salty snacks, and being storytellers here, the best thing about any morsel is the story that led you to it…

It’s easy to be rich when you know how to print your own currency.

Cheers from The www.ThreeFiveZero.com TeePee

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