Ensuring our children’s safety, well-being and happiness seems to be a universal claim to motherhood, and by “universal,” I mean crossing species’ lines. Hopefully you’ve read about my neighboring nest. The original plant is now completely dead, but it is home to a single mother and her four eggs.

During recent freakish monsoon-like spring rain storms, I quietly watched as the mama bird stayed on her nest, protecting her precious eggs from the rain, the wind, the cold, and her neighbor‘s prying camera.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mama bird neighbor, and to all the mama birds who amaze me daily. Look around and you’ll see mothers of every shape, size, color and feather.

  • They rise earlier than anyone else in their nest to feed their flock.
  • They manage multiple schedules to a fault.
  • They drive across town and back more times than the city transit.
  • They may not have any babies at all because something happened to their eggs.
  • They know the needs of their little ones before the little ones know it.
  • They give better hugs than anyone else.
  • They fly alone.
  • They tag team.
  • They are a well-oiled machine getting done for everyone else.
  • They are tired, but happy.
  • They know your faults and love you even more.
  • They hurt on the inside where no one else can see.
  • They love, no matter what.

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