Seasonal Sanity Savers for Busy Mothers

How would you like to feel in the run up to Christmas?

Overwhelmed, short fused and grumpy like Scrooge? Or in control, calm and full of festive sprit?how to keep your sanity

 The choice is yours.

The problem is, when you try to do too much, have high expectations, lack organization or don’t take care of yourself – it’s hard to stay positive. Your kids want a happy mama – not one who’s pulling her hair out.

 Project Me to the rescue!

I’ve had some pretty crazy Decembers since I became a mother, but I’ve learned how to navigate my way through the holidays without total meltdown – and you can too.

Seasonal Sanity Savers are bite-sized goodies to help get you through December with you sanity (more or less) intact.

Each short message will put you in the right mindset to keep a zen-like cool in the midst of the Christmas chaos.

There are some great tips for taking care of yourself, keeping it simple and letting go of perfection. You’ll learn to go with the flow, take the fun option, enjoy this special time with your kids – and still get done what really needs doing.  There are even some eating and drinking strategies to help you find that elusive balance between indulgence and self-discipline.

Sign up for the Seasonal Sanity Savers and from now until Christmas you’ll get a small dose of sanity delivered to you each Monday and Thursday.  *if you’re already receiving my Monday Motivator newsletter, there’s no need to sign up. You’ll automatically get your Seasonal Sanity Savers.

If you’re brand new to my newsletter list, I’ll send you my free Life Wheel Tool for helping you find a happier balance in life. It’ll set you up nicely for designing your New Year ahead.

Just pop in your details, click on the confirmation email you receive – and the Life Wheel Toolwill be rolled out to you immediately.

And if you’re feeling massively overwhelmed by your holiday to-do list and want some help setting up a digital to-do list system that rocks, check out my 1:1 Master Your Christmas To-Do List Workshop. Together we’ll get it all organised, prioritised and with a clear action plan to get it all done in plenty of time. Whew! 

Wishing you a happy, healthy, sane December. Cheers!

In the comments below, tell me what you like the most and the least about December? 

This post originally appeared on Kelly’s site, Project Me!

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