Supporting our Military with Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones For Soldiers Makes It Easy To Show Your Support to Military Members

“Many have left their families to defend our freedom. We salute their bravery; we express our appreciation and support to their families. And we pray cell phone for soldiersfor their safe return.” – Bob Taft

During National Military Appreciation Month, a month-long celebration to honor service members past and present, take a moment to thank a service member and veteran for their sacrifice and bravery.

 Cell Phones For Soldiers Inc is a national nonprofit dedicated to serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding. In 2004, the charity was started with just $21 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist at 12 and 13 years old.

Cell Phones For Soldiers appreciates the men and women in uniform and recognizes the need to provide programs that directly benefit military families and veterans. Minutes That Matter, the charity’s longstanding calling card program, provides free calling cards to active-duty troops and Helping Heroes Home, provides emergency funding to veterans in need.

Showing your support for our troops and veterans is easy through Cell Phones For Soldiers. The charity offers five easy options to get involved!

  1. Donate Gently- Used Cell Phones To Cell Phones For Soldiers – Cell Phones For Soldiers was built on the simple concept that proceeds from the recycling of gently-used donated cell phones would benefit its programs supporting military members. Considering that an estimated 130 million cell phones sit in storage, this is a very easy way to give back. Do you have an unwanted cell phone in a junk drawer in your home? Learn More on how to donate unwanted cell phones.
  2. Sell A Used iPhone Through The Cell Phones For Soldiers iPhone Buyback Program – A brand new initiative for Cell Phones For Soldiers, the iPhone Buyback Program allows supporters to trade in used iPhones for top dollar while still making a contribution to the charity. Cell Phones For Soldiers will buy back iPhones of any model or condition at competitive prices. This is another easy way to give back to military members, past or present. In addition, atax receipt is available for all iPhones sold through the charity’s buyback program. Learn Moreon how the Cell Phones For Soldiers iPhone Buyback Program works.
  3. Become a Drop-Off Location For Cell Phones For Soldiers – The charity is very thankful for the more than 3,000 official Cell Phones For Soldiers drop-off locations across the United States. Official drop-off sites make it easy for others to donate used cell phones without having to package and mail the phones themselves. Good candidates to become drop-off locations for Cell Phones For Soldiers are businesses, civic groups and organizations.Learn More on how to become a drop-off location for Cell Phones For Soldiers.
  4. Organize A Cell Phone Drive For Cell Phones For Soldiers – A cell phone drive, especially when planned in conjunction with a larger event, can be a great way for a business or organization to show support for servicemen and women. Cell Phones For Soldiers makes it easy to organize a drive by providing marketing tools to help promote collections of all sizes. Learn More on how to organize a cell phone drive for Cell Phones For Soldiers.
  5. Make A Monetary Donation To Cell Phones For Soldiers – Sometimes the easiest way to show support is by making a monetary contribution. Funds may be allocated to one of the two programs – Cell Phones for Soldiers “Minutes that Matter” calling card program or the veterans program, “Helping Heroes Home”. A monetary gift to Cell Phones For Soldiers may also be designated to honor someone special or to remember a loved one. Learn More on how to make a monetary donation to Cell Phones For Soldiers.


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