Teaching Tweens Money and Responsibility – There’s an App for That!

Getting kids to help around the house is never easy. The same goes for teaching them about money. After years of chore charts and failed attempts of handing out allowances (I would forget, they would forget and never really knowing the right amount to give them), I stumbled on an app last summer that not only gets them to help around the house more, but provides rewards, too.

teaching-tweens-moneyIt’s called My Job Chart and we’ve had a lot of success with it. You create an account for each child and list a set of jobs. Each job has a certain amount of points attached to it. When the kid completes the job, they mark it done and get the points. You also create a list of rewards they can use those points for – anything from special lunch with mom to cold, hard cash. (There are also savings and charity giving options for the points too, but we don’t use that function.)

Another plus is that it’s the kids’ responsibility to mark what they’ve finished; it’s not something I need to keep track of.

My tweens like it because they can see the progress they are making toward their goal – it’s usually a certain amount of money – and they can use the iPad to do it. For my son with autism, it’s a great visual reminder of things he needs to do daily – wash face, use deodorant, brush teeth. Yes, he earns points for what should be trivial activities, but for him it’s not always easy.

I like that I get to customize the point value for the different jobs – 15 points for cleaning out the bunny cage vs. 20 for sweeping the kitchen floor. We still have some chores that don’t earn any points, such as putting away their clean laundry since we’re trying to teach them there are some things you just need to do as a member of the family.

As kids get older, it’s more important than ever to teach them about responsibilities and money and My Job Chart has helped my tweens in both of those areas

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MaryBeth Matzek

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