Blanca Cobb

Blanca CobbBlanca Cobb is a lie detection and body language expert, trial consultant, media personality, keynote speaker and trainer. She is the founder of the North Carolina based TruthBlazer where she offers trial consulting services and teaches courses on detecting deception. Blanca is also a Senior Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Washington, DC. Blanca shares her people reading secrets and techniques with law enforcement, lawyers, judges, physicians, CEO’s, parents and everyday people who want to separate fact from fiction. Blanca has be interviewed by Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates as well as the New York Daily News and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Blanca’s unconventional path as a lie detection and body language expert began at a young age as a child and teenage crime victim and the result of bullying. As you might imagine, Blanca developed survivor instincts to figure out whom she could trust. Yet, these instincts were limited until she trained with International Body Language Expert Janine Driver, aka “The Lyin’ Tamer,” and Interview and Interrogation Pros Mark McClish and Stan Walters, who all train multiple federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Blanca has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a M.S. in Psychology from North Carolina State University and is the mom to two tweens.

 To get secrets to decoding body language and learn how to separate fact from fiction, follow Blanca Cobb on Twitter @BlancaCobb and on Facebook.

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