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Scott Rigdon

Who am I?Scott Rigdon ThreeFiveZero

I’m still figuring that out myself, but here are a few things I do know about why I love to write…

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Before I had kids, I used to write articles about car and 4×4 outings I attended through the clubs of those types that I used to belong to. Once that first positive pregnancy test came along, of course, the topic of my writing shifted markedly towards babies!

As the kids muddled through their toddler years, I also became a single parent, and for lots of reasons, the focus of my writing became centered around family outings. A day at the park, the funny thing little man said to little lady, and her sharp retort… swimming, the story behind the great photo I snapped of them playing together. Those sorts of things.

Now that they’re approaching their teens, the stories have more depth, the funny things have become often hilarious, the sharp retorts are sometimes both profound and surprising, and I’m finding that I have no end of things to write about!

I’ve also found that I learn just as much from my kids as I teach them… those are the stories I love to write the most. As parents, I think most of us are constantly conscious of the fact that we’re supposed to be teaching our children how to navigate life, and I also believe that overshadowing hampers our efforts in some ways. Children have no such restrictions- they simply are who they are, and what we can learn from them is both free of charge and untainted.

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