Thirty Minutes

30 Minutes
30 Minutes


Thirty Minutes 

I had to take a few minutes to share a little bit of fortune that dumb luck taught me about recently.

My young man is in his first year of middle school this year, while my little lady finishes up the elementary years.  First year of two schools.  Two carpools.  Two traffic fiascos.  Initially, I was none too thrilled about it.  Doubles the time it takes to drop off and pick up.  Plus, there’s a 30 minute gap between their school start and end times, so there’s really no way to plan it perfectly.  Or so I thought…

30 Minutes
30 Minutes

Since I have only the two young’ns, it turns out that when I’m down one, that also means I have the other solo.  I’ve come to realize that I greatly enjoy that 30 minutes in the morning when I have the little lady to myself, and the 30 minutes in the afternoons when I have my best buddy trapped in the car.  It’s not quite enough time to run home and return on time, so really we’re trapped in the car even if traffic doesn’t necessarily dictate that we remain in it.  One way or another, we have 30 minutes to ourselves.

To sing.  Or tell stories, or jokes.  I hear the gossip, and who did what today or what’s going on in this or that class this afternoon.  Who got a little rowdy at lunch or who got their heart broken.  Sometimes there’s not much to tell, sometimes 30 minutes isn’t enough time to fit it all in.  Sometimes I even get very detailed personal stuffs from one kid or another!  Top secret.

The moral of the story?  If you’re as thick in the skull as I am, maybe there are blessings lying around all over the place that you didn’t notice.  This one in particular could be synthesized if you were a little creative.  Got 3 kids and one needs you to run him or her over yonder?  Take a wrong turn.  Kill 30 minutes extra even if you don’t have it to spare.  I’m finding myself a richer man for this little blip of my day that’s only 30 minutes long, and it’s a timeframe I had initially deemed ‘lost’.

Funny how valuable things can turn up long after you thought you’d lost them…  and how much more valuable they are once lost then found…

Cheers from The Minutes

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