Tips for Parents With Teen Drivers

insuring teen driversIt’s a terrifying moment when your teenager becomes old enough to learn to drive — they’re suddenly allowed on the road behind the wheel of a car. While you want to be able to trust your child, driving can be dangerous no matter who you are, and you want to be able to prepare your teenager to be as safe on the road as possible. Safety isn’t the only issue that arises at this time in your teens life — the expense of buying a car insurance plan and gas can be a huge financial burden on the family. How do you choose the safest and most reliable car for your budget? Here are a few ideas for making these important decisions and for ensuring your teenager has a smooth and safe start to driving practice.

Choosing the Right Car

Everyone remembers his or her first car, and it’s a big, personal decision to make. As a parent, you’ll want the safest and most economically viable car while your teenager is more likely to want something fast, sporty or expensive. Help your teenager make an informed and intelligent decision about what car to buy, highlighting the importance of fuel efficiency, ongoing maintenance costs, safety and reliability. offers a great overview, allowing you to compare prices, read reviews and search for new and used cars for sale. This website is a great resource for helping you and your teenager research possible car purchases and for working together to choose the best option.

Be Insured

As a young, inexperienced driver, it’s important to ensure your teenager has adequate car insurance in the case of an accident. also provides tips on choosing the right insurance as well as information on auto insurance laws. You can compare insurance prices and find the best deal for your teen.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important that you feel confident about your teenager’s driving ability before you let them out on the road. The more experience your teen has, the better and safer they’ll be when they finally get to drive on their own.

Do a Driving Safety Course

Safety courses for driving is a great way to increase your driving capabilities in dangerous conditions. These courses are great for experienced drivers to, and according to, driving safety courses reduced car crashes involving young drivers by 66 percent. While teenagers are often disinclined to listen to safety warnings from parents, hearing safe driving tips from a specialized third party can be a great way for teens to understand the dangers of driving.

It’s important to discuss, demonstrate and encourage safe practices and to insist they follow strict guidelines to ensure safety on the road. Through open and honest communication and plenty of driving practice, you should both feel confident that they will be safe drivers.

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  1. Kathryn says

    Driving and Safety courses are great idea to ensure that teens will take driving lessons seriously. It’s important for them to realize that negligence has no room while off the road. You’ve laid out great tips, I’ll keep them in mind! Thanks!
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