Trip Overseas With Your Teen? Keeping it Fun and Easy for All

Trip Overseas With Your Teen? Keeping it Fun and Easy for All

Traveling with your teens may seem easier than with a small child, but they can still present some challenges when vacationing overseas. Although they have means to take good care of themselves, you’ll find the following tips help in ensuring their health, happiness and safety.

Protect Hygiene

Teaching your teen good hygiene and sanitation when traveling abroad can prevent a trip to the hospital. In many locations, germs and bacteria exist in the traveling oversees with your teenthings they drink and eat. Drinking bottled water and using a straw is important in many areas and can keep your teen from falling ill. When it comes to foods, they need to stick with fruits and vegetables that are peeled. They should also resist sampling food from street vendors off the beaten path. Making sure meals are cooked at the proper temperature can keep bacteria at bay. Have them keep plenty of hand sanitizer and bacterial wipes handy when they’re out exploring and sightseeing.

Pack Appropriately

Your teen may want to take everything from their iPad and headset to their cellphone and iPod, but you need to instill in them the understanding of other important items to take on the trip. Dressing right overseas can keep your teen from standing out like a tourist. Your main goal for them is to blend in, and the right clothing can do just that. You also want to include the necessary medications that they’ll need for a trip such as first aid kit, tummy soothing medication, cold and flu preventatives and prescription medications. Teens are also known for having a voracious appetite, so you can pack plenty of snacks such as trail mix, nuts and dried fruit.

Rent a Car

Public transportation can be germ laden, especially boarding the local train with strangers who are coughing and sneezing over each other. Renting a car is an affordable option for families. Online comparison sites, such as Monkey Insurance out of the U.K. for instance, offer an easy option for choosing your car rental insurance, and can help make the trip more affordable. Renting your own car is also a great time to bond with the family, and offers you the flexibility to travel when you want.

Have Safety and Security

Traveling abroad comes with a different set of rules and guidelines, so you need to teach your teen the importance of staying safe. When sightseeing, you want to keep important things such as your passport and cash in a money belt and secure it to your body. Backpacks and items that hang can easily get stolen. When setting down a suitcase, laptop or other personal belongings, place it between your feet.

Take Extra Precautions

Making sure your teen has the proper vaccinations is crucial to a safe and fun trip, and your physician can give you tips and advice. They can also give you a copy of any prescriptions and other important documentation that may be necessary when traveling. In case your luggage is lost or stolen, you can have the prescription refilled at any nearby pharmacy.

Preparing your teen ahead of time with these helpful tips can keep them safe and get them ready for a happy and fun vacation. It also gives parents peace of mind knowing that they have one less thing to worry about.

Having toured Europe as a teen, Ann Bailey provides these details of tips for others with young adult travelers on their overseas tour. Monkey Insurance, an online site, offers helpful strategies for saving money on car rental insurance for international tourists, and provides a global community-minded donation to conservation charities of choice for every insurance policy purchased.

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