What Should You Do If You Are Being Bullied In School?

What Should You Do If You Are Being Bullied In School?

how to deal with bulliesBullying is an age-old social problem. Although many people have waged campaigns against bullying of every nature (cyber or in real life), we still don’t see the end of it. How does one deal with bullying?

It takes its toll more on school-age kids. Kids are in a vulnerable age where they are still harnessing their self-esteem. Bullying can completely and irrevocably alter their self-perception. The sooner this is stopped, the better.

Talk To Your Parents Or A Guidance Counselor

Don’t be afraid to escalate your concerns to someone with authority in school or a family member. Don’t consider this as a sign of weaknesses. Bottling it all up inside you will only make the situation worse. Talking to an adult or a person who has authority in school will ease up your burdens. They can also do something to put an end to the bullying.

Show Them That You Won’t Tolerate Bullying

Don’t fight back. Just look them in the eye for a couple of seconds and walk away. Don’t just hide from them or avoid them when seeing them in school. Let them know they are no longer capable of scaring you. This actually works better than resorting to violence.

Make A Lot Of Friends

Don’t let bullying affect your social interaction. The more friends you have the more people who will support you when dealing with these bullies. It will also expose their actions which will make it more difficult for them to make more bullying moves on you.

Understand Where These Bullies Are Coming From

Most bullies terrorize because they have lots of insecurities they keep bottled up. Knowing that makes them look less intimidating.

Don’t Let The Situation Crush Your Self-Esteem

Are they making fun of your hobbies? Don’t let them stop you. Never give them the satisfaction. Do what you love. Showcase your talents. Keep building your self-esteem.


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