Is Your Tween Ready for the Makeup Counter?

What’s the best age for girls to wear makeup?

Parents always dread the thought of their children growing up – more so when they have daughters and especially once they start requesting to wear makeup.

The fact is that your daughter is going to wear makeup at some point in the near future, so it’s best to accept this and help them perfect their look and hopefully prevent when is it time for teens and makeupany makeup “tragedies” they may fall prey to.

When should you start?

Each child is different and will begin to express an interest in make up at varying ages. However, the role of their school peers often plays heavy into this. If you find out your precious 10-year-old is suddenly crazy about mascara then it’s probably because her whole class is. Introduce her slowly to this new item and craze and offer to take her shopping for something simple, such as lip gloss, preferably in a neutral color such as pink. By allowing your daughter to wear this one item when she wants, you give her the freedom and responsibility of wearing make up for the first time, but limit the amount and type.

Now you’ve started off your daughter on the right steps you can begin to slowly introduce more items of make up into her routine, or just into some fun dress up time.  Advancing from lip gloss you can introduce a pale shade of blush. Show her how to apply a small amount to her cheek bones and to blend it in fully. The good thing about blush is that it is definitely a hands on type of makeup and gives the effect of a made up look that isn’t completely caked on. This is ideal when you’re trying to show your daughter that less is more and to aim for a natural look.

If you’re feeling brave enough you can now move up a level and introduce a small amount of eye shadow. A neutral tan color is often best for this, especially when applied just on the lids and not up to the brow bone. If you want to add another dimension to this to make it feel more “adult” show her how to also use a primer and maybe even the moisturizer steps before this.

Young girls will definitely not require a foundation as they have such fresh skin, so no matter how much she protests, ensure her that just moisturizing is best and the blusher will be fine for her face.

What if it goes wrong?

If your daughter suddenly starts to cake on the makeup, take an easy approach.  Sit her down and ask her what “look” she is going for. This is an ideal opportunity to sit her down with some magazines and try some of the simple looks. If you want to take this a step further you can take her to some make up counters in your local department store and ask them to show your daughter tips on how to get a natural and lightweight look. This is another one of those situations that can be a bonding moment if you let it.




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    Be sure to understand why your daughter feels compelled to wear make up. Sometimes its about the simple act of feeling that she is in control. At Good For You Girls we stress the importance of proper skin care prior to make up because once make up is introduced girls are introducing bacteria to their face, which can cause a whole host of issues, if she is not washing her face properly. When a girls skin is clean and healthy studies find she is less likely to want to cover it up. Moms have a wonderful opportunity to bond with their daughters during this special time in her development. You go Moms!!!!

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