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Raising teenagers and tweens during a midlife crisis?

Yeah.. we get it.

Do you remember the day you woke up and thought “how did I get here??”? And “here” is midlife with an overly hormonal teen or tween in the house not to mention your hormones are all out of whack. They’re crazy, you’re crazy and if your partner or husband isn’t in a corner crying, HE’s crazy.

You’re having hot flashes and they’re in heat. Nice.

We started this website on 30 March,2020 in Washington, US.
Ten to Twenty Parenting
 is a place you can come to determine whether your teen/tween’s crazy behavior is normal, or if you should go ahead and place the order for that straightjacket you’ve been considering. And it’s not just about parenting.

It’s about US and what we’re going thru. It’s a lot to deal with.. pre-menopause, menopause, maybe a divorce. Those sweet kids who seemingly turned into aliens overnight..

As parents, we’ve moved past trying to determine why our babies won’t sleep through the night or why our toddler is having tantrums. Ask any parent who’s hit this phase and they’ll all say the same thing “This is nothing like terrible twos”. 

Now, we’re struggling with hot topics like:

Why Is Vaping Bad For Teens?” and

What Is The Average Weight For A 11 Year Old?” and

Is Creatine Safe For Teens?“?

We’re watching them deal with bullies and mean girls – when do we sit back to let them figure it out and when do we jump in and help out?  They’re navigating middle school and high school and learning to be responsible and independent young people.

We are an open community and realize that it takes a village to raise our kids and encourage other parents and leaders to contribute. If you’d like to send us an article, please visit our “writing for Ten to Twenty” page.

So take two aspirin, grab a glass of wine or a cup of Joe, and talk to some people who will actually listen to you and not roll their eyes (at least not that you can see).

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