And You Thought Bratz Dolls Were Bad…

I have to say that I am sitting here in awe typing this. I’m not sure why I’m shocked and maybe shocked isn’t the right word. Maybe sad is a better word. It came on my radar today that there is a site out there where girls can create their very own BIMBO!

Imagine what you can do with your very own Bimbo! You can impress your friends with your huge, heaving breasts, Snooki-inspired makeup and hair big enough it deserves it’s own area code! Dont have the necessary parts to be a Bimbo? That’s okay! You can be a HIMBO!

Looking thru the site, it really appears to be nothing more than this year’s version of Polly World but really? The name? Who sat around the board table (or card table) and started tossing around ideas for names? How did that conversation go?

This is where it gets even more infuriating. Here’s the wording from the “about” page:



My name is Cindy aka Miss Bimbo
I created this game in 2006 combining my passion for fashion and technology. 
I am just an ordinary California girl. I love sports, my family, friends and fashion! I work as a senior software programmer at facebook which is really cool.
In my spare time I hang out with my friends and online here. I guess my friends would describe me a typical bimbo (but my boobs are real!).

I want to introduce you to a couple of people. 

American Bimbo is my best friend. We went through high school together and we are life long buddies.
She has the most amazing fashion sense and is the coolest person I know in the world.

Mama Bimbo is also on this site and I love her to bits. 

She taught me everything I know about fashion and style. I love you Mom.

Finally………ahemm…… the evil one 
There is a dark secret within our family that I cant tell you about now but sign up and I will tell you more! 

Hope to see you soon on 

love and kisses, 

Miss Bimbo

Someone needs their Girl Club card revoked.

Yep… the creator is a female. I could take it a little better if this site had been created by a bunch of frat boys. THAT would make sense. But for a female to come up with this is just too much for me. Marketed to girls aged 9 – 19 and the site states that it’s total members are currently almost at 2.9 million. Our girls (and guys) have enough issues with self image and trying to fit in to what society’s warped perception is of beauty without having noxious places like this popping up. Yes, girls like to play dress up and make-up. Yes they strive to look like their favorite little starlet. My fear is not my daughter who asks to visit this site but rather the ones who find it and use it without a parent around to discuss why it’s wrong in so many ways.

All the women in history who have fought the fight to strike down the notion that women are nothing more than objects are either rolling over in their graves or wishing they were in one.

So, what are your thoughts??


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  1. says

    I am even more disturbed by the number of followers the site states it has, 2.9 million.  I really don’t know what to say about this, honestly.  There are so many other gender assaults on women and now we have one of our own doing something that compromises the struggle.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention, its good to also know what is bad out there.  I’m in disbelief right now.

  2. says

    Disgusted. Sad. Disbelief. Appalled. Sickened. And sadly, not surprised. I think about how far the pendulum has swung in the last 20 years from morally corrupt to socially embraced, and wonder where will it end? Will we get to a place where we recognize how damaging our behavior is to everyone? Not the least of whom to our children. And when the worst offenders are females, themselves, I shudder to think about how they haven’t been treated that they think this behavior and activity is normal, funny, laughable, and no big deal. Thanks for the warning kristendaukas.

  3. Lexi says

    As a registered user I just laugh at the hilarious bits. It in no way promotes lack of self-esteem or those issues. At first when I saw the site I ridiculed it but it has become very entertaining – they don’t just cater to bimbos they cater to every style out there. The site is basically an expression of fashion. The plastic surgery and references to being a gold digger are there for laughs. And for all the concerned parents out there – every teen boy/girl knows more about sex than you probably do in this decade if they’ve been to public school. I don’t care if your kids tell you everything – they keep their secrets. Get your head out of the gutter. And it has nothing to do with the crowd you hang out with. Sex, drugs, bimbos and more horrors come up – always. My parents educated me on these topics so when I come across sites like MissBimbo I’m not shocked because I realize it’s 2012 and people don’t value modesty.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Lexi. We’re always looking to hear the other side. You are correct – if the parenting hasn’t happened before they hit sites like this, then there are a lot more issues going on. Would love to hear your thoughts on other topics, so feel free to stop by again!


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