How Do Montessori Schools Actually Work?

How Do Montessori Schools Actually Work?

In the United States, there are thousands of Montessori schools, and some of these are even public programs. This style of education is named after Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor, scientist, and teacher who founded this method back in the early 1900s. Now, Montessori education is widespread, and many find it the best way of teaching young learners.  … Read more

How To Encourage Kids To Be Tidy


Having a hard time attending to your parent duties? You may not be the only one who’s going through that situation. Being a parent is never easy. You have many responsibilities in the family, such as running the household, managing financial budgets, doing household chores, and looking after your kids’ safety.  Besides that, you also … Read more

8 High-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

Paying Jobs

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are forced to lay off some of their employees because they need to cut down on payroll expenses in response to income lost during the crisis. On the other hand, some employees decided to leave their jobs to ensure their safety as well as their loved ones.  Whether … Read more



Nowadays, we all are glued to our phones. From reading emails to endless social media scrolling, we touch our phones with our dirty hands more than a thousand times a day! And the worst-case scenario is…? Your shiny clear silicone phone case turns into an ugly yellow color! Just picture your hands coming in contact … Read more

Simple Methods To Guide A Child With Disabilities Toward Independence

Child With Disabilities

There are an estimated 93 to 150 million children living with some form of disability, according to Learning Generation. Parenting can be challenging, but the goal is ultimately the same for everyone: to raise well-adjusted adults that will inherit society. However, when a child has additional needs, parents must reframe how they must support and … Read more

Every Kind of Snapback Hat

snack hat

The snapback hat offers a profoundly adapted, organized interpretation of the baseball cap, making for a comparable look without the cross section framing. Furthermore, as other organized covers, the prominent crown of a snapback cap is ideal for customization and frivolity. At The/Studio, the snapback cap accompanies two organized front boards and a level bill … Read more

4 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Home


Cleaning is a task perceived differently by people. Some may see it as a relaxing chore, while others see it as a stressful activity. For the former, cleaning helps take their minds off things, and seeing a well-organized and clean space gives them a great sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, for the latter, they loathe cleaning … Read more