A visual approach to measurement concepts: Using mixed fractions to calculate the area of a rectangle

Concepts of Measurement: Why are the basics so important for students of a truly global curriculum? Measurement is one of the simplest, finite, and most absolute forms of admiration of nature. A good understanding of measurement concepts can and certainly will go a long way in developing the right amount of curiosity and perspective in … Read more

Best Horror Books of All Time

Best Horror Books of All Time

Horror has been a topic that has gotten discussed for centuries. It has been a part of the literary world for years. Recently it has fixed itself in the present. It may be due to the realization that it is satisfying with the scary aspect of it. The adrenaline rush feeds the soul of the … Read more

Shooting The Moon – A Book Review

Shooting-the-Moon – A-Book-Review

It’s About: Jamie is a confident, exuberant, and normal 12-year-old army brat, who idolizes her father and refers to him simply as “the colonel.” When her brother TJ enlists as an army medic and gets sent to Vietnam, Jamie can’t contain her pride and is “combat ready” for the exciting military details she’s sure he’ll share … Read more