Dance! Dance! Dance!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Spring is in the air and happy young couples everywhere succumb to the rituals of prom and ready themselves in high fashion. High school juniors and seniors across the land make restaurant reservations, order corsages and boutonnieres, get measured for tuxedos, purchase pretty dresses, receive manicures and pedicures, practice numerous hairstyles to find the perfect … Read more

When Love and Pay Collide


I heard a discussion the other day about prenuptial agreements.  It was just a little blurb I heard as I flipped past a radio station.  It was, of course, a heated discussion, which is why I changed the channel.  Earlier that same day, I read an article that made light of how children “don’t know … Read more

Double Take: Sexually Explicit Sites and Teen Dating Violence?

Double Take

Dr. Wes: In July I posted an article on Facebook ( in which Keir Starmer, the top British prosecutor suggests that teenage relationships are now more violent due to the prevalence of Internet pornography. He cites research showing “that exploitation and violence in teenage relationships are more common than previously thought” and that “physical, sexual … Read more