Does Cold Formula Upset Baby’s Stomach ?

Does Cold Formula Upset Baby’s Stomach

A baby’s nutrition is the most important thing for parents. New parents often confuse, especially, when it comes to bottle-feeding. They might think of giving cold formula to their baby. And here comes the most important question: Does cold formula upset a baby’s stomach? As new parents, can you give a baby cold formula?  Usually, … Read more

Should Newborn Wear Hat In Hospital

Should Newborn Wear Hat In Hospital

No. A baby does not need to wear a hat at all times after leaving the hospital. When a baby is born, they leave the warm, comfortable womb and enter a potentially frigid environment. That explains why nurses cover their small heads with those adorable knit hats right away. However, once they are home from … Read more

What Is The Average IQ For A 10 Year Old?

what is the average iq for a 10 year old

The average IQ test result of a broad representative sample of the general population has continuously hovered around 100. This is within the range that most people would consider intelligent (or normal). Thus it is an appropriate starting point for calculating the standard deviation. An individual’s IQ is a form of a standard score that … Read more