Getting To Know The Average Running Speed!

average running speed

For a long time, many people’s curiosity has been piqued by the question of how fast different creatures and humans can sprint. Some individuals are capable of achieving extraordinary speeds and have improved after engaging in exercise for some time. So, we need to end this curiosity once and for all and get answers to … Read more

What Is The Average IQ For A 10 Year Old?

what is the average iq for a 10 year old

The average IQ test result of a broad representative sample of the general population has continuously hovered around 100. This is within the range that most people would consider intelligent (or normal). Thus it is an appropriate starting point for calculating the standard deviation. An individual’s IQ is a form of a standard score that … Read more

Baby Hair Growth- make it healthier and faster

Baby Hair Growth- make it healthier and faster

When it comes to baby hair, you must know that the follicles on their scalp are very fragile and are prone to damage. This is why carefully nourishing the hair regularly and taking extra care of your baby’s scalp will result in proper hair growth.  It is very important for parents to make sure that … Read more

A Handbook Of All The Details On Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

morning sickness during pregnancy

Pregnancy is no doubt great news for every couple as well as their entire family. But there  are a few things that come along with the news and there is something absolutely new for the mother to be! Well, people often say that morning sickness is something that occurs at first before you even know … Read more

“Tangled” is Right


I’m as devoted a Disney fan as they come. I grew up taking the Mickey Mouse Club in high dosages, I wrote my senior paper on the man, himself (and received a perfect grade for it), and rarely does a day pass that I don’t quote The Emporer’s New Groove. Having said all that – it’s taken … Read more