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Editors note – The owner of the site, Personal Reflectors reached out to us to see if we wanted to sample his product and we were so impressed by his initiative to help kids, adults and even pets travel safely that we asked if he would write a post to let you know about it. I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS worried about my kids when they’re outside and it’s starting to get dark. Distracted drivers are a BIG problem everywhere so we all need to take precautions when we’re outside near any roads but especially busy ones. We encourage you to learn more about Gary’s products as well as take advantage of his offer for Ten to Twenty readers!

Of the many dangers that face our children outside the home, none is more pervasive than being struck by a vehicle. On average, 60,000 American pedestrians are struck by vehicles each year and it’s the number one killer of children ages 4-15, yet there is no organization or national campaign to prevent these tragedies.   Statistics show that the majority of these incidents occur when visibility is impaired by darkness and/or fog.  Compounding the problem, studies have shown that children incorrectly estimate the distance at where they can be seen by a driver by twice the actual distance.  The good news is that studies have shown that the use of a simple 2 inch reflector can make a person 500% more visible.

walk safer with personal reflectors

One evening, I was driving behind a school bus and I noticed that the bus was pinstriped with reflective tape.  I thought it would be a better idea to make the kids reflective since I’m not really worried about hitting a bus.  After a few months of experimenting, I came up with the idea of mounting the reflective material on Velcro.  These 2-sided reflectors are weatherproof, shatterproof, easy to use, easy to transfer and they last for years.  Just peel one open & wrap it around any strap or thin pole such as a purse strap, book bag, backpack, belt, umbrella shaft, etc or you can use the hook side of the Velcro to attach one to a wool hat.

I created a website,, to make my invention available to the public.  I currently offer reflectors in round & rectangular shapes, in red, white and yellow but I intend to add other shapes in the near future.  I am very pleased to say that they have been a huge success.  I offer deep discounts to schools and charities.  I’ve had entire school districts purchase them to hand out to every child and they have found a home with The Guiding Eyes For The Blind, a national organization devoted to seeing eye dogs.

It is not my goal to get rich from this product but to get them to as many people as possible.  My prices start at just $2 and shipping is free with every order but I still need help getting the word out.  So I’ve sought out groups such as Ten To Twenty that can help me and in return, I’m offering their members an even deeper discount.

Just go to my site and enter the code: 10to20 to receive an extra 25% off any purchase.

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