Teens Driving – Why Reminding Your Teen to Buckle-Up is Not Enough

teaching teens safe driving skills



Every day millions of teenagers get behind the wheel and drive to school, work, or to the mall to hang out with their friends. While the vast majority make it home safely, tragically, some do not.

Don’t Let Them Be a Statistic

According to DrivingMBA.com, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among people ages 15 to 20. Around 17 teens die every day as the result of a car accident. Over the past six years, over 40,000 teenagers lost their lives in car crashes. A Students Against Destructive Decisions website survey show that about 12% of teens drove under the influence of alcohol at least once during the past year.

These grim statistics underscore the need for driving education and stressing the importance of never driving while under the influence. Before parents even think about visiting local used car lots to shop for a vehicle for their teenager, they should do everything they can to be sure their young driver is trained and educated properly.

Fortunately, by making sure that teens take a driving safety course, these sobering statistics can be reduced. One way that teenagers can learn to be better and safer drivers is through the use of a driving simulator.

Simulate Better Decisions

SafetyCenter.org website explained its FOCUSimulator helps to reduce driver error by providing teens much-needed experience in scanning, recognizing and safely responding to driving hazards. In addition, the organization’s “Alive at 25” program helps teens learn the very real risks and consequences of distracted driving and speeding, and also assists them in developing “what if” strategies for making driving decisions that are safe for them and their passengers.

SafetyCenter.org noted that safe driving courses can reduce teenage car crashes by 66%. Both the Alive at 25 program and FOCUSimulator seem to have a definitive impact on teens that go through the programs. Approximately 98% of participants reported that they will avoid unsafe driving behavior like driving under the influence.

Making it Home Safely

DrivingMBA.com also offers teen driver education programs that combine classroom learning, simulation and time behind the wheel. The simulators are similar to the ones used to train police officers, fire personnel and the military. Teens learn not only defensive driving skills, but also the basic fundamentals of safe driving habits. After finishing the course, 85% of the students are at or above the 80th percentile and the at-fault collision rates for graduates are much lower than the national average for new drivers. Teens who go through these types of courses are much more likely to make it home safely.

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    Buckling up is indeed one of the most essential safety precautions every driver should follow but so true, it’s isn’t enough especially for teens. There are reliable driving courses that can be found both online and near your community, you just need to search for the best one. Thanks for introducing DrivingMBA, I’ll check it out. I guess driver education is a good investment for our teen’s safety.
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